How to Use Video Call on WeChat Web and App

With the latest update of WeChat now it supports video calls. This means you can now have a face to face communication and chat at the same time with your friends. This is a tough competition between WeChat and other messenger apps. A video call is supported on the web and the app. So users can share their moments using any device. Now, are you interested to use Video calls on WeChat? This is how you do it!

If you want to use a video call on the WeChat web then just open your WeChat website, Select an individual chat to whom you want to make a video call, Tap on three vertical lines from the upper right corner or you can simply tap on their username, select video call.

Now, you can have a conversation with your friend on WeChat and also get along with your other task. Wechat doesn’t provide end-to-end encryption on any of their chats, but you don’t have to worry about security as it uses symmetric AES encryption to prevent unauthorized third parties from intercepting your messages as they are being delivered over the internet.

However, some of the steps to use video calls on the WeChat web or desktop and IOS are somehow different than the above one. That is why you need to read the whole article and get access to video calls on all devices.

WeChat has also rolled out a free video group chat option that let users simultaneously video/audio chat with other users’ friends on the app. WeChat has announced a group video calling feature and the group notices feature for both Android and iOS users. You can also switch between your video and voice call on WeChat. This is beneficial when you don’t want to have a face-to-face talk.

Now, let’s see how you can use video calls on the WeChat web and WeChat app.

How to Use WeChat Video Call on WeChat Web

Before starting to make a video call on WeChat, you must be sure you are using the official website or the original app. If you didn’t have an updated version of the WeChat app and WeChat desktop app, then you can’t make a video call except for a voice call.

Just scan the WeChat App Br code on your PC and after that, start following the below-mentioned steps.

As a reminder, you can make either voice or video calls on WeChat Web. So you have to go with the WeChat web version on your desktop.

1. Launch WeChat desktop web.

2. Open the conversation on where you want to make a voice or video call.

3. Click on the Phone icon from the upper right side. This will start your call.

4. For a video call, click on the camera option on the bottom left side.

5. Lastly, click on Decline to send a call.

Making Video Call on WeChat on Android

If you are an Android user and want to show something funny through a video on WeChat, then you can follow the following steps.

1. Launch your WeChat app.

2. Open the profile or person chat where you want to make a video call.

3. Next, tap on three vertical dots from the upper right corner of the screen. You can also tap on their username from above, besides their profile picture.

4. There, select video call option to make a call.

5. Once you are done with the video call, then tap on the End call option to send cut your call.

There you go, you can successfully make a video or voice call on WeChat using Android. Let me tell you one thing, video or voice call requires a good internet connection if you don’t want to feel any issue during the call. Saying that you can also send a voice message on WeChat if you find a disturbance in your call. This is better than moving back to typing to have a conversation.

How to Make WeChat Video Call on iPhone

If you are an iPhone user and want to have a conversation through video call, then follow the following few steps.

1. Open WeChat app.

2. Tap on an individual profile or chat.

3. Next, tap on their username.

4. Now, tap on the “phone icon” to make your video call.

5. If you want to mute your voice, then tap on the mute option; otherwise, leave it just as it is.

6. Finally, tap on End call to finish your conversation.

How to Make Group Video Call on WeChat

Group video call requirements:

  • The group call size limit is 40.
  • Each participant is using the latest version of Signal.
  • Each participant is a member of the same Signal New Group chat.

This is how to make a group video call!

1. Open the group chat.

2. Tap the video call icon.

3. Select Start Call or Join Call.

4. A notification will be sent to other members of the group. An alert will appear in the group chat history.

Switching From Video Call to Voice Call on WeChat

Making calls on WeChat is way more interesting and fun than before. That’s because you can switch between a voice and a video call.

Let’s say you are doing a video call with your friend in your room. But suddenly, your parents came into your room and ask to whom you are making a call. That’s where you can instantly switch to a voice call and talk about something else. Trust me, it will be a lifesaver!

Now, let’s see how to switch from video call to voice call on WeChat?

1. Open your WeChat app.

2. Go to that person’s profile on where you want to make a video call.

3. Once you are on a video call, then simply tap on the camera option from the bottom side.

4. Now, it will disable your device camera and switch to voice calls only.

WeChat Video Call Not Working?

You want to use a video call on WeChat with your friends to show them something funny and interesting. You open your app and start to make a video call but then boom! There is no video call option on your WeChat app. Does this ever happen to you?

If yes, then there are several reasons behind it such as,

  • Poor internet connection
  • Slow device.
  • Outdated WeChat app.
  • Enabled VPN.
  • Full of cache.
  • App issue.

So, first, try to solve all the above-mentioned issues and check whether it’s solved or not. If not, then uninstall the app and re-download it from the app store.


Is WeChat Video Call Safe?

WeChat video calls are not end-to-end encrypted calls but the security of a WeChat video call is really good. Moreover, it is 100% tested so that you don’t have to feel any trouble using it.

You can easily share your personal, office, or other important files or data through a WeChat video call. You don’t have to worry about data breaches or hacking.

Therefore, WeChat video call is safe to use on your device.

Why Is There No Video Call on WeChat?

If you can’t find the video call feature on WeChat, then maybe you are using an outdated version of the WeChat app. So, first, update your app, and you will find a video call option on your WeChat.

How do I video call on WeChat?

Yes, you can make a video call on WeChat without any problem on any device. But before that, make sure to update your app and then Tap the “+” button located at the bottom of the chat window. Tap Video Call to call your friend. Tap Switch to Voice Call to easily switch to a voice call at any time.

How do I group video call on WeChat?

Yes, you can make a group call on WeChat. WeChat has long introduced a group video calling feature and the group notices feature for both Android and iOS users too. To do this, first, you have to sign in to WeChat and enter the group chat you’d like to start a group call. Tap the “+” icon on the lower-right corner and tap Group Call > Select the group members you want to call and tap Start in the top-right corner to start the call.

Can you use WeChat video call on PC?

Yes, you can make free voice and video calls to your contacts on WeChat Desktop if you have the app installed on your computer. Desktop calling is supported on: Windows 10 64-bit version 1903 and newer. macOS 10.13 and newer version.


Finally, You can make video and voice call on the WeChat web or on any device within a few steps. And share your moment with your friends or family members whenever you want. But remember to update your app if you can’t find a video call option on WeChat. Other than this, you are good to go!

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