30 Mobile Legends Character Names With Photos

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed and published by Moonton. It is designed for mobile devices and is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

In Mobile Legends, players form teams of five and engage in fast-paced battles on a map divided into three lanes. The goal is to destroy the enemy’s base while defending your own.

Mobile Legends Characters, also known as heroes, are the playable avatars that players control during battles. Each hero has unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. You can also see, hide or delete your purchase history on Mobile Legends.

They are divided into different roles like tank, mage, assassin, marksman, support, and fighter, each with a specific playstyle. Players can choose from a diverse roster of heroes, and each hero’s abilities contribute to team strategies and tactics, making team composition and cooperation essential for success in the game.

On the other hand, A Mobile Legends tier list is a ranking system that categorizes heroes in the game based on their strength and effectiveness in battles. The tier list helps players understand which heroes are currently performing well and which ones might be considered stronger or weaker in the current game meta.

Tier lists are usually created by experienced players, content creators, or the game’s community based on factors such as win rates, pick rates, abilities, and their impact on matches.

List of Mobile Legends Character Names With Photos


Layla is a sharpshooter in Mobile Legends. She excels at dealing damage from a distance with her long-ranged attacks. Although lacking mobility, her powerful ultimate ability, Destruction Rush, can obliterate enemies. Players need to position carefully to maximize her potential and take advantage of her range, but her fragility can be a challenge.


Zilong is a fighter who specializes in quick engagements. His passive ability increases his attack speed after casting skills. His ultimate, Dragon Flurry, allows him to charge towards an enemy, making him a fearsome duelist and skirmisher. Zilong’s versatility lies in his ability to catch opponents off guard and swiftly eliminate them, making him a strong choice for aggressive players.


Miya, Balmond, Saber,Alice, Nana, and Tigreal Character in Mobile Legends

Miya is a marksman known for her rapid attacks and agility. Her passive ability increases her attack speed after using skills. Her ultimate, Fission Shot, lets her shoot multiple targets at once, making her potent in team fights. Miya’s strength lies in her consistent damage output, but she requires protection due to her low health. Proper positioning and timing are crucial for her success.



Balmond is a fighter in Mobile Legends. With strong melee attacks, his passive ability regenerates health when hitting enemies. His ultimate, Lethal Counter, reflects damage and stuns foes. Balmond’s durability and crowd control abilities make him effective in team fights, but he lacks ranged attacks.


Karina is an assassin known for her burst damage. Her passive, Combo Hit, deals true damage after successive hits. Her ultimate, Shadow Rush, teleports her to an enemy and deals damage. Karina excels in swiftly eliminating targets, especially squishy enemies, making her a potent threat. However, she’s fragile and requires timing and positioning to engage successfully while avoiding crowd control.


Akai is a tank with strong crowd-control abilities. His ultimate, Hurricane Dance, tosses enemies into the air. His mobility and disruption capabilities make him a formidable initiator, setting up opportunities for his team. Akai’s skilful control can turn team fights in their favour, but he requires coordination and proper timing to maximize his impact.


Mobile Legends Hero Franco

Franco is a tank and supporter known for his crowd control. His hook ability, Iron Hook, pulls enemies towards him. His ultimate, Brutal Massacre, immobilizes foes. Franco’s strength lies in isolating enemies and setting up kills for his team. Skilled hook usage can change the course of battles, but precise aim and positioning are essential to make the most of his abilities.


Bane is a fighter with strong area control. His passive, Shark Bite, enhances his basic attack range. His ultimate, Deadly Catch, summons a ship to deal damage. Bane excels at zone control, but his lack of mobility makes him vulnerable. His area damage and control abilities are impactful when properly utilized to dictate the flow of engagements.


Saber is an assassin with high mobility. His passive, Triple Sweep, enhances his basic attacks. His ultimate, Flying Sword, targets enemies and deals damage. Saber’s agility and burst damage potential make him effective at picking off enemies. However, he’s relatively squishy and requires precise timing to engage and disengage swiftly, relying on his mobility to outmanoeuvre opponents.


Eudora is a mage known for her burst damage. Her passive, Superconductor, enhances her skills when enemies are stunned. Her ultimate, Thunderstruck, deals massive area damage. Eudora’s strength lies in eliminating foes quickly, but she’s vulnerable due to her low health and limited mobility.


Nana is a mage and support hybrid. Her passive, Molina Smooch, enhances her control skills. Her ultimate, Molina Blitz, transforms enemies into a molina, disabling their skills. Nana excels in crowd control, turning the tide of battles with her transformations and control abilities, making her a unique and valuable pick.


Tigreal is a tank with strong crowd control. His skills can initiate fights effectively. His ultimate, Implosion, pulls enemies to a target location. Tigreal’s durability and ability to disrupt foes make him a cornerstone in team compositions, setting up opportunities for allies to secure kills and objectives.


Alucard is a fighter with high damage potential. His passive, Pursuit, enhances his basic attacks. His ultimate, Fission Wave, boosts his mobility and damage. Alucard excels in dealing with damage, but he requires careful timing of skills and positioning to maximize his survivability due to his melee nature.



Alice is a mage with sustain and crowd control. Her passive, Blood Ancestry, recovers health when enemies are hit. Her ultimate, Blood Ode, deals area damage and heals her. Alice excels at staying in fights due to her sustain, while her crowd control abilities can disrupt enemies. However, she needs proper positioning and timing to maximize her healing and control potential, and her short range makes her vulnerable to ranged opponents.


Natalia is an assassin specialized in ambushing enemies. Her passive, Assassin’s Instinct, enhances her next basic attack after leaving invisibility. Her ultimate, Cold-blooded Strangling, silences foes. Natalia is adept at eliminating isolated targets. Her invisibility grants her map presence, but she’s squishy and requires careful positioning and timing to strike effectively without being detected.


Minotaur is a tank with strong crowd control. His rage state enhances his skills. His ultimate, Despair Hammer, knocks enemies up. Minotaur excels at initiating fights and disrupting foes. His rage management is crucial to ensure effective crowd control. Minotaur’s skilful control and tackiness make him a valuable asset in team compositions, but proper timing and coordination are vital.


Estes is a support mage known for healing. His passive, Moonlight Immersion, heals allies over time. His ultimate, Blessing of Moon Goddess, provides a burst of healing. Estes is a dedicated healer, aiding allies and keeping them alive in battles. His impact lies in sustain, but he’s squishy and requires careful positioning to avoid getting caught by opponents.


Hilda Mobile Legends

Hilda is a fighter and tank hybrid with mobility and crowd control. Her passive, Combat Ritual, enhances her basic attacks after using skills. Her ultimate, Art of Blades, throws a spinning axe. Hilda excels at engaging enemies and controlling fights. Her mobility and crowd control abilities make her a formidable presence, but she requires careful positioning and timing to engage effectively and disrupt opponents.


Lancelot is an assassin with high mobility. His passive, Soul Cutter, enhances his next basic attack after skills. His ultimate, Phantom Execution, dashes through enemies. Lancelot excels at quickly engaging and eliminating targets. His agility and burst damage potential make him formidable, but he needs precision in skill usage and timing to make the most of his mobility while avoiding crowd control.


Aurora is a mage with crowd control. Her passive, Aurora’s Blessing, enhances her skills. Her ultimate, Glacial Shock, freezes and damages enemies. Aurora excels at controlling and disrupting foes. Her crowd control abilities can change the course of battles, but her vulnerability to attacks and positioning are crucial to landing successful crowd control.


Roger is a fighter and marksman hybrid. His passive, Full Bore, enhances his basic attacks. His ultimate, Wolf Transformation, enhances his skills. Roger excels in dealing with mixed damage. He switches between ranged and melee forms. His versatility surprises foes, but he requires adaptability and careful positioning to maximize his potential in both forms.


Karrie is a marksman known for her mobility and damage output. Her passive, Lightwheel Mark, deals true damage. Her ultimate, Speedy Lightwheel, enhances her basic attacks. Karrie excels at shredding enemies’ armour. Her mobility and damage make her a strong pick, but she requires proper positioning and timing to maximize her true damage potential.


Johnson is a tank and supports hybrid with mobility. His ultimate, Ejection, turns his car into a deadly weapon. Johnson excels at initiating fights and disrupting foes. His ultimate’s surprise factor and crowd control can change engagements, but it requires skilful driving and timing to catch opponents. Johnson’s mobility and ability to control the battlefield make him a valuable team asset.


Vexana is a mage with control. Her passive, Necromancy Spell, summons a puppet of defeated enemies. Her ultimate, Cursed Oath, controls a targeted enemy. Vexana excels at crowd control and disrupting foes. Her puppet mechanic and control abilities provide utility, but positioning and timing are vital to capitalize on her control potential effectively.


Gatotkaca is a tank with crowd control. His passive, Steel Bones, enhances his skills after taking damage. His ultimate, Avatar of the Guardian, leaps into the air and crashes down. Gatotkaca excels in initiating fights and controlling enemies. His crowd control and durability make him a valuable frontline, but timing and coordination are key to maximizing his impact.


Harley is a mage known for his mobility. His passive, Space Escape, enhances his basic attacks after skills. His ultimate, Deadly Magic, dashes through enemies. Harley excels at quick engagements and hit-and-run tactics. His mobility and burst damage make him a strong pick, but he requires skilful manoeuvring and timing to strike effectively while avoiding danger.


Alpha is a fighter with sustenance. His passive, Beta, enhances his basic attacks. His ultimate, Force Swing, deals damage and pulls enemies. Alpha excels at engaging enemies and staying in fights. His sustain and crowd control abilities make him durable, but proper timing and positioning are crucial to maximize his survivability and contribute effectively in skirmishes.


Ruby is a fighter with crowd control. Her passive, Lady Luck, enhances her basic attacks. Her ultimate, Time Journey, pulls enemies and deals damage. Ruby excels at disrupting foes and crowd control. Her abilities can change the tide of battles, but she requires skilful positioning and timing to land successful crowd control and make the most of her durability.  

Yi Sun-shin

Yi Sun-shin, Hilda, Cyclops,Eses,Aurora, Johnson and Lapu-Lapu Mobile Legends

Yi Sun-shin is a marksman with versatility. His passive, Heaven’s Archer, enhances his basic attacks. His ultimate, Mountain Shocker, summons a battleship to fire on enemies. Yi Sun-shin excels at long-range engagements and map presence. His ability to switch between ranged and melee attacks, along with his global ultimate, makes him unique. However, proper positioning and skilful use of his ultimate are essential for maximum impact.


Moskov is a marksman with control. His passive, Spear of Death, pierces enemies. His ultimate, Spear of Destruction, deals damage in a line. Moskov excels at poking enemies and controlling their movement. His piercing attacks make him a threat in team fights, but he requires accurate targeting and positioning to make the most of his damage potential while avoiding danger.  

To sum up, Mobile Legends has many different characters to pick from. They each have special skills and ways to play. Some can control enemies, some are fast attackers, and some are tough defenders. Learning how to use these heroes well is important to win battles. Teamwork and working together also matter a lot. Whether you like fighting from far away, getting up close, or controlling fights, Mobile Legends has a hero for you to enjoy playing with.