Why Can’t I Shop From AliExpress (Answered)

There are, of course, some basic things to consider that you might have overlooked. If the issue you’re experiencing is that you can’t add anything to your AliExpress shopping cart, or that your shopping cart is now empty when previously you added items to it, then it could be that you’re not signed in to your AliExpress account

Your role as buyer or seller at times might not seem so inviting. For example, there are restrictions applying to all shoppers, business or personal buyers that could prevent you from ordering something on AliExpress. 

Additionally, there’s at least one reason why AliExpress restricts a buyer specifically from purchasing an AliExpress product.

Why You Are Unable to Purchase on AliExpress

Simple matters like entering incorrect payment information, attempting to use credit card with insufficient funds or an expired debit or credit card will also be a sudden block to AliExpress purchasing. You can how to remove credit card from Aliexpress so you can add a new one.

Insufficient funds in your card of payment. You can deposit money in  your account for payment again or use another card/method instead.

To fix this issue check if have you exceeded your credit limit, entered your credit card number, credit card expiration date, billing address, and phone number correctly in your account, or your purchase outside of your normal spending range? Some banks will block transactions due to security concerns. You can check out how to delete order history on AliExpress.

Sometimes, though, it doesn’t matter how attentive you are or what payment method you choose, AliExpress could ban you as a buyer if the company concludes that your behavior warrants it. 

For instance, AliExpress can ban a buyer for making the company viewed as too many product returns. However, regardless of what reason AliExpress might have to ban a buyer, it likely won’t be because of poor ratings received from AliExpress sellers.

Aliexpress Won’t Let Me Add to Cart

You can add limited number of items to your AliExpress cart. If you are exceeding the number, you won’t be able to add more items. Hence, you need to clear some items off your shopping cart. Here’s how you can delete a few items and see if you can successfully add a new item.

Tap on the cart icon at the bottom in the AliExpress app. Then, tap on the Delete button next to the item in your cart.

The item will now be removed, and you can try adding the new item to your cart. If the AliExpress app won’t add the item to the cart despite making some space, the item may be out of stock.

If the AliExpress app won’t add items to the cart, you can try clearing the app cache. Note: Clearing the app cache is something that can be done only on Android and not on iPhone.

A cache is temporary data stored in the local storage of your device, that helps you load a few elements of the app quickly, instead of downloading them every time from the internet. However, a lot of cache data can result in junk files that can execute bugs and cause issues within the app.

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