Wizz Shadowban: How to Fix It

The Wizz team claimed they do not shadowban Wizz users. But according to multiple users’ reports, they experienced something we would call a Wizz shadowban: not getting any new friends or even seeing posts from them.

In this article, we are going to explain what a Wizz shadowban is, and what are the top signs which show that your profile might be in a shadowban. We’ll also explain how you can get out of a Wizz shadowban easily and how you can avoid getting shadowbanned again.

Wizz Shadowban is a type of soft ban from Wizz when you are still able to log in to your profile, swipe other profiles, and check your messages but you don’t get any new Wizz connection.

You can do anything, swipe on many profiles by liking them but you are still not getting any friends.

Does Wizz ShadowBan Profiles?

Wizz doesn’t penalize you with a shadow ban or in any other way when you restart your account. However, when you don’t get any connection after you restart your Wizz account, it is very likely that you might have got shadowbanned.

It is actually not 100% clear if shadowban is just suspension, they deny the existence of shadowbans. At the same time, you can find many users complaining mostly on the Wizz that they experienced something similar to a shadowban.

Wizz has an official page on their website where they explicitly say that you won’t get shadow banned or in any way penalized for resetting your account. 

However, they don’t say that they do not use a technique similar to shadow ban ever. So you might not get shadow banned for simply resetting your account, but they might decide to shadowban you for other violations of their community guidelines.

Wizz Account Suspension Vs Shadowban

There are two main differences between a permanent official ban from Wizz and shadowbans. These are the following:

You get a message or a pop-up screen when you try to log in that you have been blocked from Wizz for some kind of policy violation. When you are shadowbanned, they don’t communicate with you anything about your status. 

When you are permanently blocked from Wizz you won’t be able to use any features of the app anymore. When you are only shadowbanned, you can use all the features you are just simply not going to get any new connection.

How to Know If Wizz Shadowban You

Before you try to get out of the Shadowban, you should also make sure that your account got really shadowbanned by Wizz.

Sometimes a lot of desperate Wizz users think that when they don’t get as many Wizz connections as they used to then they must be shadowbanned by Wizz. 

However, when you live in a small neighborhood or in a country where Wizz is not that popular yet it is very well possible that you get only a couple of new Wizz friends per month.

If you are experiencing decreasing new Wizz connections, but you are still getting 1-2 friends per week or month, it means that you are not shadowbanned.

In this case, you should first start improving your profile, learn how the Wizz algorithm works and you might manage to get more friends.

Why Wizz Shadowban Profile

As there is no official statement regarding Wizz shadowbans, one can only speculate why Wizz shadowbans profiles. 

The best thing you can do is to read their Community Guidelines where they clearly state what behaviors are considered to be violations and might get you banned.

Here are the most important violations that might get your account shadow blocked:

  • Automating other stuff  such as messaging
  • Using a hacked version of Wizz Appt
  • Offensive messages hate speech. 

How to Remove Wizz Shadowban

Where it is clear that you got blocked by Wizz, with a shadow block there is no clear sign or notification from Wizz that your account has been blocked. For this reason, you can’t contact their Customer Support Team to get your account unlocked as they would say that your account is not banned, so you should just improve your profile.

Also, when your Wizz account gets a shadow ban, another option is to reset your Wizz account. We will show you in the next paragraph how you can do this in a way that will work and will get you out of the shadowban.

How to Fix Shadowbanned on Wizz

you can get your account back by resetting your Wizz account, meanwhile, there are some important things that you should pay attention to.

So the basic idea behind a Wizz reset is that you first delete your Wizz account and then right after you delete it, you recreate a completely new one.

When you have been shadowbanned from Wizz before, there is a high possibility that your newly created account will get into a shadowban again, so you won’t get a newbie boost.

So in this case, when you sign up for a new Wizz account you have to make sure that you use new personal information so that they can’t identify you. 

So make sure to use a new Facebook account if you sign up with Facebook or a new phone number if you sign up for Wizz without a Facebook account.

To be absolutely on the safe side, it is also recommended to use completely new credentials to sign up, make sure that you have a new IP address, and don’t use the same credit card if you have subscribed to the premium feature.

Did Wizz ShadowBan Me?

When you get zero new Wizz connections/friends for an extended period of time, then it is possible that you have been shadowbanned by Wizz. However, if you are still getting connected to people but not as many as used to get, then you are not shadowbanned. 

Meanwhile, you might also need to improve your profile or move to a neighborhood where Wizz is more popular so your profile gets shown to more profiles.

How Long Does Wizz Ban Last

If you really got shadowbanned by Wizz it is a permanent decision so it lasts forever. To get around Shadowban you can try to reset your account (using completely new login information for your new Wizz account).

Wizz Shadowban similar to an explicit permanent block also seems to be a permanent status, so once you get into Shadowban, you won’t get out of it only by waiting a couple of weeks.

Wizz Shadowblock is actually worse in a way than an explicit block from Wizz, as a lot of users don’t even know that they have been shadowbanned.

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