How to Cancel Order on Bigbadtoystore Before it’s Being Delivered

If you shop online, it’s important to know how to cancel a Bigbadtoystore order. We’ve all been there: shopping on Bigbadtoystore when the appeal of a low price or seemingly useful product proves too much, and within minutes of ordering you’re wondering whether it was really money well spent. That’s where knowing how to cancel an order comes in handy. This article explains how to cancel Bigbadtoystore orders before it’s being delivered.

You’ll need to be quick, as you can only cancel an item before it’s dispatched otherwise you’ll need to wait for it to arrive and then attempt a return. But as our guide shows, as long as you cancel your order in time, it should be a painless process.

For orders where you’ve bought multiple items at once, you can even cancel individual products while allowing the rest to go through. And with most sellers, including Bigbadtoystore itself, you should automatically get your money back in a few days.

However, it’s worth noting that process will vary among third-party sellers. Some will take additional time to process your cancellation request before accepting it, while some sellers don’t allow cancelations at all. The best practice when buying from a third party is to either check their cancellation and returns policy or just be absolutely sure that you’ll want the item in the first place.

How to cancel a Bigbadtoystore order on the website

Step 1: While signed into the Bigbadtoystore website on your PC or Mac, click “Returns & Orders” in the top-right corner.

Step 2: Find the order and click the “Cancel items” button next to it.

Step 3: Make sure the items you want to cancel are marked with a blue checkmark; in an order with multiple items, you can uncheck the ones you want to keep.

You can optionally select a cancellation reason from the drop-down menu, but either way, click “Cancel selected items in this order.”

Step 4: If buying directly from Bigbadtoystore, you should see a confirmation of the order or items being canceled.

If you bought from a third-party seller, it may take some time to receive confirmation, so keep checking back on the Returns & Orders page. You’ll also receive a confirmation by email.

How to cancel a Bigbadtoystore order in the mobile app

Step 1: In the Bigbadtoystore Shopping app, tap the three-line symbol in the bottom-right corner.

Step 2: Tap “Your Orders.”

Step 3: Tap the order you want to change, then scroll down and tap “Cancel order.”

Step 4: Make sure the items you want to cancel are checked, and optionally, select a cancellation reason. Tap “Cancel selected items.”

Step 5: You’ll return to the Your Orders list, and see a notification saying that your cancellation was successful, or if you bought from a third-party seller, in progress. You’ll also receive an email with your cancellation status.

That’s all, once you have done this, your order will be canceled and your money refunded to your account.

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