How to Cancel Order on Takealot Via Cancellation Page is a popular South African online store where everyone can easily and quickly order any product they want – from electronics to home goods and clothes. This online shop has everything a person could ever wish for, but what do you do once you ordered something and then decided this product holds no more appeal for you? In this article, you will learn how to cancel an order on the Takealot web store.

How to cancel my order on Takealot

Takealot allows its customers to cancel their orders if they have changed their mind about purchasing that particular product. When you order a product from this Internet store, you have to create an account and stay signed into it. This is how the website tracks your purchases. The account feature allows the customers to monitor the progress of their parcels on Takealot, including the status and information about every order. For tracking yours, you can simply visit the order information section and input the number of your order.

The order can have separate statuses, each of which has a different meaning: Payment Pending Authorization: The status appears when your order was logged and you need to wait for the authorization from the payment gateway. Payment Authorized, Order Under Processing: The status appears when the payment gateway has given the authorization and your order is being processed. Order Dispatched: The is when the order has been dispatched from the website’s warehouse and is on its way to your place. Order Cancelled: The status appears when you cancel your order.

Order Cancellation Page

If you would like to cancel your order on Takealot, you should keep in mind that only orders which have not been can be canceled. If the parcel is already on its way to your place, it could arrive before the request of cancellation is processed by the Takealot website’s administration. Rejecting the orders is acceptable, but just to be safe, you should consider performing the cancellation before it reaches the status “Order Dispatched”

You can cancel the order through your account. After signing in, open the page which contains the information about your ordered goods called “My Orders” and click the “cancel” button next to the package you would like to refuse to purchase.

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Other ways to cancel your order on Takealot store

Another way of canceling an already ordered product is by calling the customer service line, 087 362 7666. You can also visit “Contact Us” to reach the website management. Takealot Internet store always takes care of their customers, and they constantly test new options to make customers more comfortable with their retailing system. You have a great chance to order any goods you like on

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