How to Edit or Change Your Name on Hinge Without Ban

You are probably here because you want to learn about Hinge rules on changing your profile name. In this post, we will show how you can change your name on Hinge so that your potential match knows your real name. Or do you feel uncomfortable sharing your real name on your profile? We will even show you how you can display a fake first name on your Hinge profile if that is what you want.

There are two kinds of reasons why your name on your Hinge profile can make you anxious. We will also at the end of the post answer some of the most frequently asked questions related to the name on your Hinge profile.

A frequent issue with names on Hinge is when the name that is displayed on your Hinge bio is not correct. The reason for this might be that you have mistyped it when you signed up for the service without using your Facebook account.

If you have created a Hinge dating account by using your Facebook account, a wrong name might be displayed in your Facebook account, and Hinge imported your wrong name from there.

Another common issue that might make you want to Change Your Name on Hinge is that you might have experienced some online harassment because of your Hinge profile, as some people might have managed to contact you through your social media profiles. A good way to avoid this is by disconnecting your Instagram from Facebook or using a fake name on your Hinge profile.

How to Change Your Name On Hinge

To change your name that is currently displayed on Hinge, you have to think back on how you signed up for the app. If you create your account with Facebook, you have to go back to Facebook and change your name there so Hinge can import your right name.

If you signed up for Hinge without Facebook, only using your phone number then it doesn’t matter what name your Facebook account displays but there is still a way to change your name on your profile as we will show you.

How to Change Name On Hinge If You Registered With Facebook

If you created your Hinge by connecting it to your Facebook account, Hinge imports your name, your age, and other personal information like job or education from there, so the signup process is smoother and easier.

Change Your Name on Hinge

This also means that you have to change your name there if you want to edit your name on your Hinge profile. Here are all the steps you have to take to achieve this:

1. Go to and login to your account

2. Click on the down arrow in the upper right corner

3. Click on “Settings and Privacy” then “Settings”

4. The first thing you can see is your name, click on “Edit” Change your Name on Facebook

4. Change it to what name you want to display on your Hinge profile

6. Click on “Save changes”

Your name won’t be changed right after you changed it on the Settings page, this name change request first has to be approved by Facebook that can take up to 24 hours. Change Your Name on Hinge

Once the Facebook Support Team has approved your name change, it might take a couple of minutes in some cases days for Hinge to synchronize your profile name with your Facebook account and display your new name on your profile. 

If your name still hasn’t changed after you made the steps we have outlined above or Facebook didn’t approve your age change request, try to change your age following the second method.

How to Change Your Name on Hinge If You Registered With a Phone Number

If you didn’t use your Facebook account to sign up for Hinge, it doesn’t make any sense to change your name on Facebook, as Hinge is using the name you have added when you signed up for the app using your phone number. In this case, you have two options.

The first one is to contact the Hinge Support team directly by sending them an email or contacting them via this contact form. In the first step, select “Report a technical issue” and in the next section where you can add context to your issue, explain your situation that your name is wrong on Hinge and ask them to change it.

The second option if the Hinge Support Team doesn’t reply or they don’t approve your name change request is to delete and reset your account using the correct or the fake name that you want to show when other people check your profile.

In this case, you should create a second account or just simply add the new name you want when they ask for your basic information during the signup process.

Can Someone Use a Fake Name On Hinge?

Yes, you absolutely can fake your name on Hinge if that is what you want. Although it might be against Hinge’s Terms of Service. But in most cases, Hinge has no way of checking your real name, catching you, and banning your account because you are using a fake name or persona on Hinge.

You can even verify your profile on Hinge with the fake name and get the nice blue checkmark on your Hinge profile. All you have to do is take some selfies and the Hinge Support team will verify your profile.

The verification process doesn’t check your whole identity like your name or age, they only make sure that your profile photos on Hinge are real and belong to the person who is sending the messages. You can display a made-up name that is not your real name on Hinge. It is another question if you should do that.

We think that it is okay to display a fake name on your profile if other aspects and details of your profile are real. You might have good reasons to do fake your name on your Hinge profile

One of the big problems on Hinge, Zoosk, and on similar dating apps that haven’t been really solved are the safety concerns of users. On these popular online dating apps it is sometimes really easy to stalk people, find them through their social media profiles, and then harass them online and even in real life.

You might have a rare first name that makes it easy for anybody to find you on Facebook or Instagram, or you are just simply uncomfortable sharing your real first name. In these cases, it can be reasonable to display a fake name on your Hinge account.

So when you are concerned about revealing your real name on Hinge as you might be very easily stalked and you might have been harassed online before, you can use the techniques we have outlined above.

However, it is against Hinge’s community guidelines, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a fake name on Hinge. You can only do this if you use a made-up name in your Facebook account as well, or when you sign up for Hinge with your phone number as then you can provide any reasonable name you want.

Other Things You Need to Know About Changing Name on Hinge

Can I Change My Name On Hinge?

Yes, you can change the name that is displayed on your Hinge profile. You have to either change your first name on Facebook or you have to contact the Hinge Support team.

Does Hinge Display Full Name On Members Profile?

No, Hinge only shares the first name on your profile. It makes it more difficult for online creeps to stalk you so you don’t have to worry about this.

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