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Hallway Accident is the second room in the Adrift in Space. In this article, we will show you a step-by-step guide to the second room of Adrift in Space called Hallway Accident i.e how to complete Hallway Accident in Adrift in Space in Escape Simulator as the connector pins, the drone, and the damaged cards.

1. Taking All the Items

  • To get started, click on the green thumbprint near the power switch. Doing this will open the compartment.
  • Now take  all of the relevant items inside the compartment (the two-panel remover tools, a drone recipe, a read/write keycard, replicator instructions, and a pin box)
  • Then, open the pin box and take all of the connector pins in it.

2. Remove the Panels

  • To achieve this, use the panel removal tool to take off the panels on the ground (this should be 6 panels).
  • Now take the panels to the sides of the room.
  • Then, take the connector pins inside the panels.

3. Connect the Connector Pins

Connector Pins

At this stage, you need to connect the connector pins from the power switch to the metal replicator. To do this:

  • Open the power switch.
  • Switch off the power switch before you place the connector pin in the position below it.

Note that you won’t be able to place the connector pin if you don’t turn the power switch off

  • Now place the rest of the connector pins in each position on the ground.
  • switch on the power switch.

4. Enter the Metals

Escape Simulator Metals
  • Now, open the hatch door and turn the blue switch off.
  • Pick the metal rods and metal pieces on the ground (they are next to the wall piece)
  • Take the drone recipe on the ground.
  • Now your inventory should have a couple of drone recipes (the “Cone” and the “Thruster”)
  • Enter all of the metals in the “Insert Metal” compartment.

5. Replicate a Cone

To achieve this, you need 8 blue squares and 1 black square in the middle to replicate a cone.

6. Replicate a Thruster

Replicate a Thruster

Here you’ll need 1 black square, 1 white square, 1 black square, 1 white square, and so on to replicate a thruster.

  • For this, open the metal replicator and select the black square, the white + black square, and the black square respectively.
  • Enter “1”, “8”, and “0” respectively, and click on “Start”.
  • Take the Drone Thruster.

7. Fix the Drone

Check the Drone in your inventory. Here you need to fix the Drone by placing the Drone parts that you’ve replicated using the Metal Replicator.

  • Now, take the Drone Cone at the bottom of the Drone.
  • Then, place the Drone Thruster at the front of the Drone.

8. Laser the Wall Pieces

  • Change the drone to “Rotation” mode.
  • Then, rotate the drone until it points toward the wall pieces.
  • Change the drone to “Position” mode.
  • Click on the “Laser” button to enable the laser (Laser the wall pieces that are blocking the door using the drone)

9. Read the Cards

Read the Cards
  • Pick the first damaged keycard on the ground.
  • Then, collect the second damaged keycard on the ground.
  • Enter the first damaged keycard into the card reader and take note of the numbers.
  • Enter the second damaged keycard into the card reader and memorize the numbers. (this is simply to match the numbers of the two damaged keycards to the red keycard)
  • Finally, enter the red keycard and enter 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 1, 0, 1.

Remember to enter the red keycard into the thumbprint slot next to the door by clicking on the thumbprint to escape the Hallway Accident room in Adrift in Space.

How to Beat the Hallway Accident in Escape Simulator?

You need to remove the floor panels and fix the circuit between the power switch and the metal replicator.

Pull the power switch lever back up and put metal inside the metal replicator.

Now, use the laser on the drone to remove the metal parts blocking the door.

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