How to Cancel Mercari Order and Get Cancellation Refund

Mercari has been one of my best online shopping needs for over a long now, never have a second thought about the quality of their products and the price tag they offer. Recently I made a mistake with an item I ordered. while placing the order and didn’t realize the mistake until the next day. To my luck, the order had not been shipped so I can get a refund by canceling the order. In case the order had been shipped I would have to dispute the order and request a refund. 

I’m excited I was quick enough to realize my mistake and cancel my order, if not someone would be getting a gift from me. While trying to cancel my order on Mercari I went through all the cancellation procedures on how exactly they work, how long they take in different scenarios, and what to do if your order shows that it has been canceled during shipping. 

I’ve put together some important points that are sure to help in any situation where you would have to change or cancel an order on Mercari. 

How to cancel an order on Mercari

There are many reasons why you would cancel an order from Mercari. In my case it was the choice, in other cases, you might have gotten the color or delivery address wrong. There have been situations where the product seller is taking longer than expected to fulfill the order. Not to worry I have mentioned below how to cancel an order in various situations that you might face.

Your order on Mercari can be automatically canceled without the seller having to validate it. This happens during your checkout process while your payment for the product is being processed. During this process, if you wish to cancel the order, go to your order list and click on ” Cancel order” on your selected order as seen on the page.

Even if the order was canceled within a minute of placing the order, Mercari will still go ahead with the payment and then begin the refund process which will take a few days to process. 

How to cancel an order on Mercari if you made a payment

If ever the need comes for you to cancel an order on Mercari right after you’ve made the payment, it is possible to request a cancellation from the same website. The only difference in this situation, when compared to our previous scenario, is that the seller will have to accept the cancellation which is requested by you, which they will process only if the product has not been shipped out.

One thing to keep in mind when requesting cancellation on the site is to choose the option “other reasons”  as the rest of the options penalize the seller which might get your request rejected. 

What I would recommend if you’re facing this situation is to send a message or email to the seller that you can find below the follower’s options as seen on the page. Explaining the reasons for your cancellation and requesting them to consider the cancellation. 

Will you get a cancellation refund if you cancel your order?

If you’ve successfully canceled your order and the seller has not shipped the product. Mercari will process your payment after which they will start the refund procedure which might take a few days but you can be assured it will be done. 

You can see the status of your refund by opening your order details, then clicking on the “view details” tab where you will find the payment or finance option.

There you will find the status of your refund with three dots to show the present status of the refund. The dot will be lit in orange to show that a particular stage of the refund is done. Once all dots are lit, the money is back in your account. Before making a purchase, check out these details on the product page.

What happens if the Mercari seller refuses to make a refund

In very few cases the seller refuses to refund but when they do it is because either they sent the product already or they don’t want to return the money. One way to be sure you don’t have issues with sellers is by checking their seller rating and Mercari reviews, this should help you get a clear picture of whom you’re purchasing from.

Mercari has a policy where within specified business days if the seller does not provide you with a tracking number, you can raise a dispute and request a refund. The only way to get your refund from the seller would be to dispute it. 

What happens If the seller refuses your cancellation request

The only right thing here you can do is to get in touch with the Mercari seller and negotiate, if the seller has already shipped your product you can’t do much. Creating a dispute does not help here as the seller can easily reject your cancellation and send you the order. If you want to cancel an order do it within two to three days of placing the order. Post which you are at the mercy of the seller. 

As you know it takes time for Mercari sellers to process the refund and cancellation depending on how you’ve made the payment. When the refund is completed successfully, you will get a completed status shown on the order and a canceled order shown on your order list. Once you’ve seen this status, check your payment method if it has been refunded as it would be reverted back the same way you made the payment. 

How to change your order on Mercari

Sad to say, they do not offer the option to change an order, you can try convincing the seller but in most cases, they ask you to cancel the order and place it again. You can scroll up to see how to cancel an order to get a detailed idea of how to go about it. 

Using a Mercari Coupon

It all depends on the coupon you have and what type it is. if it is a coupon from Mercari and has been applied to many products, it can be retrieved if all the products you’ve ordered have been paid for with the coupon. If the coupon has crossed the date of expiration, you will not be able to get it back.

If you notice in your order list that one or more items are canceled without you requesting it, chances are it is because the order has failed to be sent during the preparation time or failed to meet airport security standards. 

A common case I’ve noticed is when the tracking shows the status shows sending canceled, this happens when there is a problem with the shipment. It can be a failed pick-up from the seller’s warehouse, there can be a storage of stock or the most common is a customs issue when leaving a  security check. 

This issue is completely done by the seller and you have no control over this, you can contact the seller and request them to resend the order immediately. In this case please make sure to take the tracking ID for the package, if you want a refund you will have to raise a dispute and calm your refund.

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