How to Change Age on Skout

Were you too young when you signed up for Skout dating app profile and used a fake date of birth to bypass eligibility? If yes, you can edit your age preference now as this page contains how to change your age on Skout.

Many of the users when they first made the Skout app account, didn’t know they won’t be able to update it easily later, so a random birthday was added. To get a job they might have to look younger or older than their original age, Skout asks the new users if they are above 18, and people below this age add a fake date of birth to make an account to not tell people about their original age. 

These are the only possible reasons why people do not add their original age.

Don’t worry, we know you are here because you can only change information for a certain limit and now you can’t update it. You must be thinking “how to change my age on Skout”, so here we are to help you out. Before that let us see how to change your age on Skout in settings.

How to Change Age on Skout

If your age was entered incorrectly in the Skout app and you wish to correct it without making a new account, you can email Skout to request a change or contact the platform’s customer support team through the app’s Support section, as detailed below. 

1. Open Skout app on your device.

2. Login with your id and password.

3. Once you are logged in, go to see your profile option.

4. Under your profile you will see your about info.

5. Click on about info and scroll down to basic info.

6. Select the option to edit basic info.

7. There you will see your age info, change it accordingly and update.

On the Skout dating app, you don’t have the opportunity to hide your age. If you are really insecure about your age (some people are really judgemental about it so we get it) your only option is to fake it and display an age on your profile that is more acceptable for you. (See above how you can do that.)

How Old Do You Have To Be For Skout?

Skout requires everyone to be at least 18 years old before they can create an account (in some jurisdictions, this age limit may be higher). Creating an account with false info is a violation of Skout terms. This includes accounts registered on the behalf of someone under 18.

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