How to Change Your Email on Xbox Account

Xbox allows you to change your email from your account settings option. You can do this on a computer or on a mobile phone, The step looks similar, though the screens to find your settings vary a bit depending on the device you’re using. You may wish to change your email if you no longer have access to that account, or would otherwise want to unlink your email from Xbox.

Whether you no longer have access to your email or want to remove your email address, you can easily change the email linked to your Xbox account.

You can make this change online or on the mobile app. The desktop browser version looks a bit different from the condensed app screen, but the process of finding your settings is similar.

In your Xbox settings, tap or click your account information to find the email option. After choosing to update the address, you’ll be required to reenter your password and then verify the change. Xbox will send a code to the new account you entered. Copy the code into the space provided to complete the verification process. When you’re on the settings page, your account details should reflect your new email.

How to Change Email on Xbox

1. Open Xbox on a browser.

2. Click Settings and privacy next to the gear icon.

3. Click Account. This is the first tab listed under your Xbox username.

4. Click Email below the login and security section that opens on the right. Your account info is in your Xbox settings. 

5. This will open a new window with your current email address. Click the Change email address below.

6. Option prompting you to verify your password will appear. Reenter your password.

7. Click the Next button to continue and Verify your password.

8. Type in the new email address you’d like to use.

9. A verification code will be sent to the email. Open your email message, and enter the code in the section provided.

10. Click the Verify button to complete the process and close the window. Your settings will immediately reflect the change.

How to Change Your Email on Xbox App

1. Open the Xbox app and sign in to your account.

2. Tap your profile icon in the left-hand corner

3. Select Settings and privacy from the menu that appears.

4. Tap Account. This will be the first option listed.

5. Tap Email.

6. Reenter your password and tap Next to continue.

7. Enter the email you’d want to replace the previous one. 

8. Tap Next once you’re done typing.

9. Enter the code that was sent to the new email you entered followed by tapping the Save Change button.

How to Unsubscribe From Xbox Email Notifications

If Xbox sends lots of emails, like promotions or newsletters, you can use the unsubscribe link to stop getting their emails.

1. Sign in to your email.

2. Open the email from Xbox.

3. Next to the sender’s name, click Unsubscribe or Change preferences. 

If you don’t see these options, you can block Xbox or mark the message as spam.

To stop receiving emails about certain things related to Xbox, browse the list of options under the sections related to you and your activities on Xbox. Uncheck or check the box for what you want to receive or not.

How to Remove an Email From Xbox

When you sign up for Xbox account, you always provide an email address which you’ll then use to verify your account.

However, there may come a time when you no longer want your email saved on Xbox. In this case, you’ll need to remove your email address via the account settings menu but this is simply the same as changing your email. So, the only way to remove your email from Xbox is to delete your account.

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