How to Delete Facebook Comment on Phone & Web 2022

Facebook Users in the early days of social media commented without the ability to edit. If an unsavory character left an awkward comment, it would remain there indefinitely. It wasn’t until Facebook went through its round of updates that users were provided with the ability to delete comments. 

Nowadays, we have far more power when it comes to comments both the ones we leave and the ones we receive.

This article explains how to delete comments on your Facebook posts from the app and use Facebook in a web browser. So, if you want to delete a comment on your Facebook post, but you’re not sure what the steps are to do this, keep reading.

There are many reasons why you might want to delete a comment posted on one of your Facebook posts. Here are a few of the more common scenarios.

  • Someone share a promotion link on your post
  • The comment is okay, but you suspect it may be from a bot, fake, or spam Facebook account.
  • The comment is rude, offensive, or part of an online harassment campaign.
  • It’s a spam comment used to promote someone else’s Facebook account.
  • The user has replied to the wrong comment and has made a conversation hard to follow.
  • Someone left a blank comment on a Facebook post that says nothing.

How to Delete Facebook Comments on Phone

Facebook lets everyone on the platform moderate comments posted to their posts by other users. You can also remove your comments if you make a spelling mistake or forget to tag someone correctly. The simplest way to delete a comment on Facebook is by using the mobile app.

1. Open the Facebook app and tap Me in the lower-right corner to open your Facebook profile.

2. Then, tap the Facebook post that you want to moderate.

3. Tap the comment icon that looks like a speech bubble. 

4. Perform a long press on the comment you want to delete.

 If the comment is particularly offensive, you may want to tap Report before you delete it so that Facebook is aware of the account.

5. Tap Delete. 

How to Delete Facebook Comment on the Website

You can also delete Facebook comments using a web browser to log in to Facebook with the same account that you use on the app. These instructions work on all popular internet browsers.

1. Open your preferred web browser and go to the official Facebook website. Log in if you’re not already.

2. Navigate your mouse cursor over your avatar in the top-right corner and click View profile. 

3. Click the post for which you want to moderate comments. 

4. Scroll your cursor over a comment. An ellipsis (three dots) should appear to its right

5. Navigate your mouse over the ellipsis and click Delete from the popup menu. It will immediately delete the Facebook com

Facebook does not ask for confirmation before deleting a comment, so make sure that you really want to get rid of it before you tap Delete.

Note that while Facebook is a platform built on visual content and virtual connection, now and again, you just might need to remove something entirely. 

Now, there are a few restrictions. You can’t delete other people’s comments on other people’s posts. But you do have control over the comments you leave on other accounts’ content and the comments left on yours.

You can delete all your comments, but unfortunately, you will have to delete them one by one. So far, there’s no way to delete all of your comments at once using Facebook.

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