How to Get Unbanned From Instacart Ban

Instacart takes users’ safety very seriously including your behavior, which is why, to you, it may seem like you’ve been banned for no reason. If you have received the Instacart ban notification you can reactive or make a new account in no time, this means you’ll get unbanned by taking the due necessary steps. 

Instacart has strict terms and conditions of service and most times bans any user that violates them. If this is your case, you can get your account reactivated by following all the procedures.

So, what exactly is Instacart ban, how long does Instacart ban last, and how to get unbanned? You have to relax and continue reading because we’re going to explore them one after the other.

Reactivating a banned Instacart account shouldn’t be an issue if the ban was placed due to a misconception or by mistake. However, if it is deserved, you may never be able to get unbanned.

What Happens When Instacart Bans You?

Instacart ban is Instacart’s way of getting rid of the people who are breaking their rules.  When Instacart bans you, they BAN you. You lose everything that has to do with the platform. 

You won’t be able to sign in or access your account any longer. Usually, Instacart ban is Instacart’s decision to prevent you from using the services again due to your behavior.

So, if you go against the rules of Instacart, you’re gone from the platform.

How to Get Unbanned From Instacart Suspension

If you feel your account was wrongly restricted, all you need to do is contact the Instacart support team and provide them with enough proof of your innocence.

In most cases, the reasons for your account suspension will be stated in the email notification confirming your account ban. When you contact Instacart support, make sure your message is clear and detailed. If need be, provide pictures and any other files necessary to prove your account was wrongly deleted.

If your account was justifiably banned, then you may not have a case. Instacart will not enable an account that deliberately violated its terms and conditions of service.

Instacart Ban Appeal

The immediate answer for how to get unbanned from Instacart is to make a polite appeal to the Instacart support system. All you have to do is contact the service and ask for the unbanning process, which will reveal why the account is banned. 

Make a simple appeal to the service; that will get your Instacart account unbanned. You want to send them your screenshot of the ban.

If it is something quite big that you did, you won’t get a chance, you can also contact  Instacart to unban your account.

How to Contact Instacart About Banned Account

Instacart clearly states that any user that consistently violates their community guidelines will be banned. If your account has been banned, you will receive a banner notification when you next open the app, informing you of this status.

Meanwhile, If you believe your account was banned incorrectly, let Instacart know by submitting an appeal.

To submit an appeal:

1. Open the notification.

2. Select the ban “Appeal” option.

3. Enter your username and email address.

4. Type in your appeal in the description field.

3. Follow the instructions provided and then click on “Submit”.

After submitting the appeal, you can expect an answer back within a few hours to a few days. I’d recommend you wait around 3-4 days. If you get no answer within these 3-4 days you can write to them once more to let them know you’re waiting for their answer. Remember to keep being polite.

Does Instacart Ban Device?

Instacart does ban your email/phone number and device. Even if that device is new, Instacart can still ban it along with your other information.

Instacart takes cognizance of your device ID, they ban your device too e.g. phone. Besides getting a new email address, you need to either factory reset your device, get a new unique device ID, or get an entirely new phone/device.

Your device ID represents your device. It’s made of unique numbers and letters that identify your device as unique.

Since Instacart bans you for a solid reason, it’s going to be difficult to bypass Instacart’s ban of your email/phone number or device. Your ID is banned when your account is banned and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

How to Unban Device from Instacart

1. If you don’t have the technical skills, and can’t afford to change your device, then try using Instacart on the web, with a new phone number.

2. Instacart bans your account when you open it with a new email or number when it has been used before. Also, Instacart can recognize your device, especially if something wrong was done on Instacart through that device. Using a used device could mean:

  • You’re using a friend’s or a family member’s email, device, or number.
  • You’ve got a disposable email or phone number.
  • Your phone number was previously used by someone else to open your Instacart account.

3. You need a new Device ID as giving the same information that you gave in your previous will get you banned again.

4. Use Instacart responsibly, and avoid bot-like behavior.

How Long Does It Take Instacart to Uban You

Instacart can take minutes to days to review your appeal, depending on your history with the app/website.

If you’ve just registered on Instacart, then the review will only take a couple of minutes to put your profile together and confirm your profile isn’t fake.

When you got banned on Instacart and now you’re trying to get back in, then Instacart might take a few days as well to review your new account.

How to Make a New Instacart Account Without Getting Blocked

Many people enjoy the services of Instacart and can’t possibly think of going somewhere else than Instacart.

When such a person gets banned and tries to reactivate that banned account but to no avail, then the next option will be to open a new account.

However, you can’t just go ahead and reopen a new Instacart account. There are steps to take in order to avoid repeated bans.

Method #1. Uninstall Instacart

Whatever device you’ve been using Instacart on, delete and uninstall the app from it. That is to delete the cache from your device.

You can’t recover your restricted account and everything will be gone if Instacart still recognizes your invalid activities. It’s one of the reasons why you want to uninstall it and start over.

Method #2. Contact Instacart Support

You can contact support telling them you want to open another account; promising to be a good member this time.

It may be very difficult to get a good response from support. They most times feel reluctant to help people reopen banned accounts or give them permission to open a new account. That’s why you may have to act on your own by contacting them.

Method #3. Change Your Device, Its ID or IP Address

If you used Instacart on your phone, you don’t necessarily have to get a new device. You can use it on your computer. it’s safer to open a new Instacart account using a completely new device since Instacart cookies have a very long expiration date.

Meanwhile, if you don’t have access to another device and want to use the same device with which your previous account was banned, then you have to follow these steps:

1. Delete browser cookies, cache, and Instacart data: Instacart cookies don’t expire quickly, so you have to clear the cookies, browser cache, and other Instacart data stored on your computer.

2. A Factory Reset on your current device (works for Android only).

3. A Device Changer on your current rooted device (works for Android only).

4. iPhone jailbreak (works for iPhone only).

5. Changing advertising ID – An advertising ID is a unique line of numbers that are used by advertisers to identify you as a user.

  • iOS: Settings > Privacy > Advertising > Reset advertising identifier.
  • Android: Settings > Google > Ads > Reset advertising ID.

6.  Instacart can recognize your IP address too only when signing up – Getting a VPN to avoid a ban is not necessary but it’s good to have. Get a VPN app, enable your new VPN  and check if your IP has been changed.

7. Do not verify your account using the same old email or phone number:

It’d be more helpful for you to use an entirely different device be it another phone, tablet, or laptop, and If you don’t want to use a new device, then you need to change your device ID.  You can get a new phone number to verify your new account if you don’t want to get banned again.

Instacart bans your device as well, that’s why this step is essential for anyone trying to get back to Instacart after being banned. 

Method 4#. Use a New Email Address

You don’t want to connect the same email you connected to your banned account with your new account. Instacart will know that it’s you and ban you again.

This also means that if you try to make a new Instacart account, and got banned before even opening the account, a disposable email address or phone number could be the cause.

You can’t link your new Instacart account to the same email as you did with your banned account either. Open a new email if you’re trying to get back on Instacart through email as well.

The previous user of that email or number could’ve got banned, and now the next user (you) is in pain because of bad luck. That’s because Instacart remembers and recognizes your ID including your device information, especially if you violated their rules.

Using the same email or phone number with which your previous account was verified to verify your new account is like shooting yourself in the legs.

Method #5. Use a New Google Play Account/Apple ID

Since your Google account/Apple ID collects the data, using the same google account/Apple ID to download the app again can give enough clues to Instacart to know who you are.

Instacart doesn’t ban your Google account or Apple ID, however, it bans your device. This means you need a new device if you’re trying to get back after getting banned.

Do not make the same mistakes that got you banned. A new Instacart account is an opportunity to start afresh; but if you go on and repeat the same mistakes that got your previous account banned, then your new account will end up getting banned too.

So, you kind of know what you’ve done wrong, make sure you don’t repeat that after creating your new Instacart account.

Instacart Banned for No Reason

If your Instacart account has been blocked for no reason, you can recover/reactivate it.

If you believe it was blocked by mistake you can use the guidelines on the website at any time to appeal the ban. Send a message to Instacart with your registered email address and they will take review your appeal and unban your account.

How to Report a Problem to Instacart

You can also contact Instacart to report any problem you have with your account or suspicious activities on your account. You just need to visit the site.

To report a problem:

1. Click Profile in the bottom right.

2. Then click on the 3-line icon in the top right.

3. Select “Settings and Privacy”.

4. Click Report a problem and select a topic.

5. Follow the steps in the app to submit the problem.

6. If the recommended steps do not solve your problem you can select No to the question “Is your problem resolved?” and click Still have a problem so that you can contact Instacart with further details about your problem.

That’s pretty much everything about how to get unbanned from Instacart ban or make a new account.

I hope this article helped you?

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