How to Hide or Enable Last Seen On Grindr

Grindr Last Seen online status feature lets users see the most recent time other people were online on the app and whether they’re currently using the platform. As convenient as this may be for some users, it’s a major privacy concern for others. Hiding your online status is the first logical step to protecting your privacy on Grindr.

However, note that after hiding your Grindr Last Seen status, you also won’t be able to see your contacts’ online status. You can be betrayed by the Grindr. Yes, it shows the online status or last seen on Grindr time to your friend, when you are not replying to your friend, results in a brawl or a breakup. To avoid this kind of situation you can simply hide the last seen feature.

Last Seen is a privacy feature first introduced by all the famous Grindr services to know the online status of one user to another user

This privacy feature in Grindr is also available with other famous Grindrs. You can now also become invisible by using the steps mentioned on this page to hide your last seen online status on Grindr

You can select viewers of your last seen or online, whether it can be everyone or only to your contacts. You can hide it using privacy settings

How to Hide Last Seen on Grindr

1. Launch the Grindr, tap on the Grindr icon in the main menu.

2. Tap on the three lines in the lower-left corner. Now a number of options will be shown to you.

3. In the options, tap on the Settings option. last seen on Grindr

4. Go to the Privacy option: Tap on the privacy settings shown.

5. Now tap on the last seen option shown to you. You have to select it as nobody.

6. Select the option nobody, to hide the last seen option.

Now you have successfully hidden your last seen online status. Your friends will not be able to see your online status and last seen time.

Turn on AirPlane Mode

The second way to hide your last seen on Grindr while appearing offline involves Airplane Mode. You turn on Airplane Mode, and it lets you read a message without appearing online. This way, your last recorded online time on Grindr is the one before you turned on Airplane Mode. This is a pretty cool feature, except that it prevents you from receiving new messages while it’s on.

The Airplane method helps you to chat on Grindr without appearing online. Feel free to use the quick reply option when you know the person will continue sending more texts your way if they believe you’re online. If there’s a single text you need answered but want to avoid being seen online, you can always turn on Airplane Mode.

How to Enable Last Seen on Grindr.

Follow the same five steps as above. Instead of selecting nobody, you select contacts or everyone option. Selecting ‘contacts’ will let the people on your contact list, you’ll see the last seen option.

If you select the ‘everyone’ option, anybody having your phone number can see the last seen time. In conclusion, hiding this privacy feature may solve many problems with your friends and loved ones. Thus you can hide or enable last seen on Grindr.

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