How to Recover eHarmony Account Without Subscription

eHarmony is an online dating app launched in 2000. It is located in Los Angeles, California, and is owned by Nucom ecommerce. It is a popular dating website that enables people to find and interact with people having similar interests. Mostly eHarmony is a platform for people to introduce themselves to new personal connections over the internet for developing personal and romantic relationships. 

It is popular primarily popular in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. People from different places create an account, they use it for some time and leave using it. After the account is inactive for some time, it gets disabled. When people want to use it again they search for ways to Recover their eHarmony account.

Many people use eHarmony to gain personal connections with people across the globe. A large mass of people has their account registered at eHarmony. Some people have got their dating partners via this site while some have failed.

Someone who has managed to get their match, start their connection through other networking sites, or even meet up. Eventually, they stop using their eHarmony account.

Reason eHarmony Members Stop Using It

Privacy Concerns:

Sharing your data on any online platform cannot always be safe. You might be concerned about your data being shared and manipulated.  Your concern about your data online might make you stop online services like eHarmony or even delete the eHarmony account completely.

All the above issues might compel you to leave eHarmony. Life might go smoothly for a while. But after a certain time, the tables may turn, your loved one might leave you, you might feel lonely again. You might remember your other friends at eHarmony. 

This situation might bring you back to eHarmony. If you wish to come back to eHarmony, your first step will be to Recover the eHarmony account. You may also go for creating a new eHarmony account. However, if you want to get in touch with your old fellow friends, it is best to recover the old eHarmony account.

After Finding a Relationship:

eHarmony users use online dating sites looking for soulmates. They talk with interested parties and develop a connection. After some chatting and understanding, they might decide that their chatting partner is perfect for dating.

Now, they start meeting up if they are closer. If far, they might get connected on phones, Facebook, and Instagram. When they come this far, they might not find eHarmony necessary anymore and meanwhile, they stop using their eHarmony account.

Fed Up  with Unsuccessful Trials:

It’s not necessary that everyone who uses eHarmony to find their dating partners. Some might find their match while some might fail to do so. Some people in eHarmony might start chatting with each other with the aim to find partners. 

They might talk sometimes but after some weeks everything breaks down. People might be tired of this and they might stop using eHarmony and start some other ways to find partners. However, after some break, they might come back to recover eHarmony account. When you want to recover your dating account you can do it without a subscription.

How to Recover Deleted eHarmony Account

There are two ways to use eHarmony; the number one way is to deactivate your account while the second like is to delete eHarmony permanently. Now if you deactivate your account, your profile will be hidden from friends especially from the new account owners, no one can be able to message you and no one can send you a friend request. However, once this is undone, you can then do all that you cannot do.

How Reactivate eHarmony Account

If you have selected the option to deactivate your account, you can still redo it and once that is done, everything will still be normal:

1. Open your browser and log into your eHarmony account.

2. Navigate to your profile

3. Click on edit

4. Click also on account

5. Select to activate and wait to initiate.

In the same vein, sometimes you forget your eHarmony profile’s username and password if you do not use eHarmony more frequently. In this case, you must be searching for ways to restore the eHarmony account. When you wish to recover your eHarmony account you should go through some recovery procedures.

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How to Recover eHarmony account

To restore your eHarmony account your profile-linked email is very important. It is not possible to recover the old eHarmony account which you have deleted.  However, in case of a forgotten password and username, it is possible to recover an old eHarmony account.

1: Go to eHarmony official homepage or click here

2: Go to the eHarmony login section. Then, fill up with your username or email in the textbox. If you’ve forgotten your password, leave the password section empty and simply click login. A popup message “incorrect username/password” will appear on your screen. Then, it will ask you to fill up with your email connected to your eHarmony account.

3: Enter the email

After you enter the mail, eHarmony will send you a password reset email to that email address. Go to the social tab on your email inbox, where you will find an email from eHarmony. Now, click on the link in the message.

4: Enter a new password

After you click on the link a new page will open where you have to enter your new password. Fill up with the password in the new password section & confirm the password section then click on the update password. Now, your password will be successfully reset.

5: Log in with the new password:

After you reset the password you can now login to your eHarmony account. Congratulations you’ve recovered your eHarmony account.


whenever are unable to log in eHarmony account due to a forgotten password. I’ve shown you ways to recover your eHarmony account. Follow the above steps carefully and restore your account.

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