What Does the Heart Mean on eHarmony

What Does the Heart Mean on eHarmony

eHarmony heart symbols mean you’re “interested in another user. When you see a heart icon next to someone’s profile, it means that you have the option to send them a “like” on the dating feature. If you’re interested in someone, you can send them a like and see if they return the interest. If they … Read more

Does eHarmony Notify Screenshots? (Answered)

eHarmony Screenshots

eHarmony does not notify users of screenshots taken by others. This means that you can take screenshots of profiles and chats on eHarmony without the other person being notified.  However, you should always remember not to share anyone else’s personal information online without their consent. Some apps notify screenshots to the users, this brought the … Read more

How to Change Email on eHarmony

Change Email on eHarmony

As an eHarmony user, you can change your eHarmony email on a computer through eHarmony’s website or on the mobile app and the process looks similar, however, the screens to find your settings differ a bit depending on the device you’re using. You may want to change your email if you no longer have access … Read more

How to Get eHarmony Premium Free Hacks

How to Get eHarmony Premium Free

eHarmony has become the world’s most popular dating app to meet new people. Every day, millions of people find dates online by signing up for eHarmony accounts. Of course, dating becomes more fun when you have a free eHarmony Premium subscription. For people who don’t know, “eHarmony Premium” is an upgraded version of the regular … Read more

Why eHarmony Messages Disappear? (Answer)

Why eHarmony Messages Disappear

eHarmony messages will be live when a member logs in and at times disappear when the user sign is back on. eHarmony messages disappear because the user either deletes you from their match queue, deletes the app, or accidentally unmatches you. We explain why eHarmony messages seem to disappear and what may be happening with … Read more