How to Delete a Sent Message on eHarmony

You don’t have to be a long-time eHarmony user to have a message or entire chats that you’d like to delete and forever forgotten or you want to make sure that a match you have unmatched can’t save the messages you sent to her?. However, it’s not easy to delete messages on eHarmony, but we’re here to share with you how to do it.

You’ll how to delete eHarmony messages and what you can do if you want to delete only one single chat message on eHarmony.

Many people now spend more time indoors and away from each other, but social interaction is still high and this can result in some conversations – or at least messages that you might want to be deleted.

Who knows who will get their hands on your phone and especially your eHarmony account, so it’s best to delete the messages you no longer want to have saved for eternity.

How to Delete Your Sent Message on eHarmony  

The only way to delete an eHarmony message is if you unmatch or delete the eHarmony match. In this case, all your chat conversation history you had with your eHarmony match will be deleted from your and your match’s messages screen.

Here are the steps for how you can delete eHarmony messages:

1. Open eHarmony app and  sign in to your account

2. Go to the match list and find the profile where you want to delete matches

3. At the top right side tap on the ellipsis or the blue shield icon

4. Choose Unmatch, and you no longer will be able to see the profile and its messages as well.

Another option you have is to delete your eHarmony account. In this case, everything will be deleted, not only your eHarmony message. You and none of your previous matches will be able to see the messages you received from them or which you sent to them on eHarmony

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Know if Someone Read Your Message on eHarmony?

You can know whether your match has read your message in the Messages section, where check marks indicate the message status. If you see one green check beside the message, your match has received it. If you can see two green checks, your match has read the message

Can You Delete Messages on eHarmony?

On eHarmony, you don’t have the opportunity to delete a single chat message. You can only delete the whole conversation you had with someone by unmatching your eHarmony match. You can see how to do that in the paragraph above.

eHarmony messaging functionality is quite limited, you can not send pictures or links as well, so the best advice we can give here is to get your match’s contact information as soon as you can, and continue the conversation somewhere else. On other dating platforms, you will be able to delete a single message of your eHarmony match and you will be able also to send pictures and links.

How Does Messaging Work on eHarmony?

To send a message on eHarmony, tap the envelope or respond to a message they’ve sent you. tap the face if you want to send a “smile” to show that you’re interested in them, but don’t know what to ask or say to them yet. If you have a premium profile, you can tap the photo to see the user’s photos.

Can You Read Messages on eHarmony Without Paying?

Yes, you read from the incoming messages in your inbox, and you send messages in return. It’s free to message a premium user or a match on eHarmony.

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