How to Read Messages on eHarmony Without Paying

Are you trying to read blurred messages on eHarmony and want to unblur it? Although you can pay a subscription fee or upgrade your membership, there are a few other ways you can view the message without paying.

So, if your match sends you a text and eHarmony blurred it, there’s no need to turn your back in disappointment or impulsively pay for a subscription. You can unblur the message without paying with one of the methods below and take the time to assess whether you really want to upgrade to premium membership.

Why Do eHarmony Blur Messages?

eHarmony blurring text is a common practice to keep their premium features exclusive to paying members. Not all dating sites that do this require you to pay for a subscription to read the messages they blur. Dating sites like POF just want you to drop your email address or sign up for a free membership or a free trial.

Note that the methods below aren’t guaranteed to work perfectly, but you can use them to evaluate if an eHarmony premium membership or subscription is necessary. We do not support bypassing subscriptions which is the means they keep maintaining the website, If you don’t want to use your private email address to create an eHarmony account, we recommend using an email address without phone number verification needed. 

How to Read Blurred Messages on eHarmony Without Paying

Inspect element allows you to see the source code and other data hidden within the webpage. By changing this code, you can remove the blur filter from the text, but it is a trial and error method as the values may differ from site to site. Here is how to do it:

To read messages on eHarmony without paying through this method:

1. You must use the website.

2. log in to your account.

3. Open the page with the blurred text.

4. Right-click on the page and select Inspect or Inspect Element.

5. The Inspect panel will open on the right, where you can see the page’s source code.

6. Scroll and look for a line of code that starts with “<aside class=

7. Once you have spotted that line, right-click on it and select the element option.

8.  Look for a line of code that starts with “<body“ and find this line of code style=” overflow: hidden;”.

9. Right-click on this line of code and select the Edit attribute.

10. Change the value from hidden to visible and then hit Enter.

Note that the source code might be different from what we discussed here. Some values like overflow might appear as “visibility: hidden,” “filter: blur,“. This is why this is a trial and error method.

Using Google Translate

Google Translate is a viable tool you also use to unblur message/text on the eHarmony website. Use it to view the full and translated version of a web page with blurred content. Here’s how:

1. Open the eHarmony webpage with the message you want to unblur.

2. Copy the page URL.

3. Go to Google Translate and paste the URL in the left-hand box.

4. Click on the URL that appears in the right-hand box. (If you’d prefer to read the content in a language other than English, pick a language from the choices listed above this box and then click on the refreshed URL.)

5. You should be directed to a new tab containing an unblurred version of the web page.

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