How to Sell on eBay And Make Money

Are you looking for an easy way to buy or sell your goods online like Fashion, Electronics, Phones e.t.c or you have an item for sale, then you should try selling on eBay. eBay is an online platform where buying and selling transactions go on and you know the most interesting part.

This post seeks to explain how you can make money using eBay by selling goods and products online. This is done by posting ads on eBay. Although there are many other top E-commerce sites that you could advertise your products like Amazon and Aliexpress, eBay is also among these best online classified sites that are popular for selling items online.

Before now we used to shop in stores and selling items online was not very common. Now online shopping has become very popular as there are hundreds of E-commerce sites selling almost everything online. Online marketplace sites are also gaining popularity. You may be aware of which is one of the best online E-commerce sites in the world after Amazon.

The idea behind eBay is simple, put up your products or services on the eBay website and get contacted for purchase.

How to Sell On eBay

1. Visit the Website: The first step to selling on eBay is to actually browse to its URL:

Create an Account: Next you Create an account on eBay by clicking on the Register link close to the Sign In link at the top right corner of the website. (in case you already have an account with eBay, you can just click the Sign In link and provide your login details)

2. Gather Your Items For Sale: Selling items on eBay is pretty easy just like surfing through Facebook looking for friends and relatives.

3. Take Pictures of Your Item: Since most buyers won’t be able to actually see what you’re selling, taking good pictures of your item is key. If you take bad and blurry pictures, your chance of selling this item is very slim.

4. Choose A Category: Items on eBay are usually arranged in Categories ranging from Mobile Phones & Tablets, Fashion, Electronics, etc. in a bid to improve search efficiency. Therefore, to sell on eBay you need to choose the category to which your item belongs.

5. Upload A Picture(s) of Your Item: Next step after putting up your ad title is uploading the picture (preferably pictures so as for prospective buyers to better understand your item) that you took in step 4. The maximum file size per photo is 1MB.

6. Put Up Your Ad Title and Description: The first thing you need to take note of when choosing an ad title is to make it short, descriptive, and eye-catching (It is recommended that a great title has to have at least 60 characters.) The item description is where your potential buyers know about the specification, flaws, and other important details about the item available for sale.

7. Set Your Price: Make your price realistic and practical for the item you’re selling. If it’s too high, people would ignore it. If it’s too low, people may think it’s a scam.

8. Provide Your Contact Information: Where can prospective buyers reach you if they have questions about your ad or if they would like to make a deal? Make sure you respond. Good customer communication is important.

9. Post Your Ad: Once all the steps listed above have been taken. The next step is now posting the ad on eBay to be available for viewing by prospective buyers eBay. Ads on eBay usually go through a review process by the eBay team to determine if all details provided about an item are enough for prospective buyers to trust.

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