How to Send Picture in Litmatch

Litmatch, unlike other dating apps, allows you to send photos in your conversations. We will show you in this blog post how you can send photos, gifs, and videos in your Litmatch messages without violating the photo rules.

However, as a lot of users have taken advantage of this feature in the wrong way, Litmatch has also developed a feature called Private Detector that helps detect NSFW nude photos so you can uncover those photos at your own responsibility or decline checking them and report the sender.

Litmatch Photo Rules

Litmatch photo profile rule requires you to add multiple photos so that people can like them and start conversations based on them individually. With this, they can really tell what kind of photos elicit the most positive reactions.

Here’s what every single one of your Litmatch profile photos should be: Your first photo should be of you looking into the camera, smiling, with no sunglasses or hats on. Your second photo should be a full-body shot, and your third should be a casual pic of you.

You absolutely can send photos on Litmatch. It is a unique feature of Litmatch as on most dating apps similar features have been disabled or never developed as too many users sent offensive or NSFW type, sexually explicit photos.

However, this is not an issue on Litmatch, as a feature was developed recently that makes it more costly to send lewd photos. 

How to Privately Send Photos In Litmatch

It is really easy to send photos on Litmatch. You have to just simply tap on the camera icon in the messages screen and select the Picture you want to send to your friend:

If you want, you can also take a screenshot of the Picture you received, Litmatch won’t notify your matches that a screenshot was taken.

How to Send a Video on Litmatch

Litmatch has also added video chat so that members can stay connected even when they need to be physically apart. Before you can begin using video chat, both you and the person you’re matched with need to send a message to each other.

Litmatch video format is the same as other dating apps. Your video clips should be at least 1 second. You also have the option to mute the video by simply tapping the speaker icon on the “edit video” screen.

How to Send Voice Notes on Litmatch

Litmatch members can send voice notes in their chats with matches. 

In your message with your match, you can hit the Voice Note icon located next to the Send a message box to start recording. To stop, hit the ‘Stop’ button to stop. Once you’ve hit stop, you can playback your voice note before sending

Blurred Images In Litmatch Messages

When you send photos in Litmatch messages, the Picture will be blurred on the screen. The recipient has to hold down on the screen to reveal the photos. This way, if you don’t trust the person who sent the Picture, you can just simply ignore it.

For this reason, it is also recommended to tell your match what kind of Picture you sent to her, so you can increase the chance that she will check out the Picture and not unmatches you immediately.

Some users would change their location, you can learn more about how to change location on Litmatch.

Can You Get Or Send Dick Pics On Litmatch?

Although it is technically possible, as you can send photos on Litmatch there are some important caveats we have to mention.

If the lewd photos were unsolicited, your match can report you and you will most likely get banned from Litmatch. So before sending any kind of not-safe-for-work type of Picture on Litmatch, definitely make sure that your match gives written consent for it.

How to Send Gifs on Litmatch

On Litmatch, you also have the option to send gif messages to your matches. You can also use GIFs to make the first move on Litmatch. If you don’t have a nice opening message idea, Gifs can work. Well, they are definitely better than a simple “Hi”. To send gif messages, just tap on the Gif icon on your messages screen.

Here is how you can send GIFs to your match:

1. Open the Litmatch app.

2. Open the conversation with your match.

3. Tap Emoji > GIF.

4. Tap Search to search for a specific GIF.

5. Tap the GIF you want to send.

6. Tap Send.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Send NSFW Photos In Litmatch Messages

It is technically possible to send lewd images on Litmatch, but first, you have to have the consent of your matches to send it. Otherwise, you face the risk of being reported that can get you easily blocked from Litmatch.

Can You Upload Shirtless Photos On Litmatch

Yes, but only if the photos were taken outside on a beach. You can’t upload nude pictures as your Litmatch profile picture. You can send them later in messages if your Litmatch is okay with it. (gave consent).

How to Delete Photos Sent On Litmatch

There seems to be no way to delete photos sent in Litmatch conversations as you also cannot delete messages you have sent in Litmatch conversations. Therefore it is really important to be cautious when sending photos on Litmatch. 

Remember: don’t send lewd images to your matches without their consent.

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