How to Tell if an eHarmony Profile is Active

Mobile dating apps like eHarmony show age, a biography about yourself as well as location. However, is it able to tell when you are online and using the app?

There is no indicator if someone is active and online using eHarmony. The only way to determine if someone uses the app is if their location changes or sends messages to your profile. In this article, we will show you how you can see if someone is active on eHarmony.

How to Tell if an eHarmony Profile/User is Active

There currently is no direct way of knowing if someone is on eHarmony. Apps like Facebook have a special segment called “online now,” where they showcase profiles that are actively using the app.

Unfortunately, eHarmony does not have any features that allow users to see when a profile is online or last active. The reason eHarmony removed these features was due to safety precautions. eHarmony is doing everything it can to prevent online stalking.

If you’re looking to see if someone is online or active on eHarmony, there are a few small hacks you can do to see if someone is active.

Check the User’s Profile Location to See If It’s Changed

The first way to see if someone is active is to see if their location has changed. For instance, eHarmony gives you information about how far the user you matched with is. This is among the algorithm question you answer during registration.

For instance, if the user is 50 miles away when you last chatted to them (and possible for the entire time you spoke) and they are now 20 miles away from you, it means they’re active on eHarmony. When the user opens the mobile app, immediately their location is changed and displayed to other users.

eHarmony does this for a few reasons to improve the quality of matches it delivers you. If you set your preferences set to find users a mile away, it will find your location and deliver you users that are a mile away from you.

Check Your Read Receipts

Another way to see if a profile is active is to see if they’ve read your message in the chatbox. Similar to how WhatsApp has been thinking, eHarmony has adopted this feature.

Users can see when another user reads their chat on eHarmony by the tick mark changing color in the chat. The two ticks will appear when you send a message into the chat box.

This is a great way to see if another user is active online, especially if you’re waiting for a message back from that user.

Check for Their Profile Updates

Next is to check for pictures or any bio updates. If a person is active on eHarmony, there will likely have new pictures on that user’s profile. Updated pictures mean any pictures that were taken recently.

The best way to check for this (if you’re friends with them on social media) is to cross-reference when the picture was taken and if it matches their social profile. Another way to determine is to see if they have any holiday pictures.

If they have their best moment pictures, there’s a good chance you can predict that the photo was taken during a celebration.

Users will often update their bio to reflect their new views or give more information about themselves. To determine if a user is active, check if they updated their bio or even deleted it.

How to Turn Off Active Status on eHarmony

If you’re looking to appear offline or not active on eHarmony, there are only a few ways to still check messages without being noticed.

The first way is to delete your profile completely. If you don’t want to appear on the app anymore, completely delete your profile and remove your phone’s mobile dating app. This is the best way to appear offline or inactive.

The second way is to use the app from the location you always used it, without changing anything. The mileage won’t change as far as distance, and it will look like the profile is dormant to other users.

Last, if you’re looking to check messages or see someone’s information you matched with, enable airplane mode with just the wi-fi enabled. This will allow you to connect to the internet, but eHarmony won’t use your GPS signal.

The best way, of course, is the first way to delete the profile. This ensures that non of your information will show on eHarmony, and you won’t have to worry or hide anything.


There is no way to tell whether an eHarmony profile/user is active or online currently. However, users can look at the distance away, new bios and pictures, or see if the user is typing to determine if the user is online.

eHarmony hides the user’s status to protect them from potential stalkers or creepers. If you’re looking to see if someone is active, the best bet may be to ask them or ask to see if the app is live on their phone.

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