How to Use Badoo Premium For Free

What is the hack to use Badoo app premium features without paying? Badoo has become one of the best dating apps to meet new black people. Every day, millions of people find dates online by signing up for Badoo accounts. Of course, dating becomes more fun when you have a free Badoo Premium subscription.

For people who don’t know, Badoo Premium is an upgraded version of the regular Badoo app. In addition to all the features you’d get in the basic app, Badoo Premium will provide you with a couple of exclusive features such as viewing photos, seeing who likes you, unlimited suggestions, and zero Advertisement.

If you use Badoo regularly, you already know that these features are worth fighting for. Unfortunately, the monthly charges make it quite difficult for many Badoo users to purchase the Badoo Premium subscription, but they’re a few Badoo app hacks to use to get the premium without paying.

Hack to Use For Badoo App Without Paying

In case you don’t want to pay for the subscription, today’s guide is for you. We have penned down a list of four hacks you can use to get Badoo Premium for free, see photos without paying. So, if you want to step up your dating life on Badoo, learn more! 

Sign Up For Badoo App Free Trial

Before you go into the complicated ways of using Badoo Premium without paying, make sure to utilize the free trial period. Every new user gets a trial period, where he can access all the Badoo Premium features for free.

The free Trial period is also beneficial for people who aren’t sure whether they want a Badoo Premium subscription or not. Despite having quite impressive features, Badoo Premium isn’t a necessity for many people.

There are users who don’t use Badoo frequently and may not want to commit to Badoo Premium at all. If that’s the case, it’s better to install the Badoo Premium app, use the free trial period, and decide whether you want it or not.

To get the free trial period, simply open your Badoo account and tap on the Upgrade to Premium button. Now, choose the right plan method and enter your bank details. 

The day before your trial period will get expire, make sure to cancel the subscription. In this way, you can enjoy the free trial period without paying even a single penny. It is also important to understand that you can only get a single trial period for your account.

It means if you want to use free Badoo Premium for an unlimited time period, make sure to choose another method from the list. 

Find Badoo App Premium Latest Promo Code

The Internet is stacked with promo codes for different apps and websites. While many people use Promo Codes on e-commerce sites only, you can also get them to install Badoo Premium for free.

Although, you may have to put in some effort to get a working promo code, considering many platforms provide fake codes as well. Try to look for the latest promo codes so that you don’t have to go through too much hassle.

Here’s how you can use a working Badoo Premium promo code.

1. Open the Badoo app.

2. Click on your “Profile” icon and select the promo code.

3. Paste the promo code here and tap the submit button.

4. If it’s a valid promo code, you’ll immediately get the free Badoo Premium access.

Promo codes may not get you permanent access to free Badoo Premium subscriptions as they are mainly discount codes. No doubt, you’ll get a limited time period (maybe one month) for free, but you’ll still have to purchase the subscription later on. 

Install a Badoo Mod APK

If you’re looking for a permanent hack to using a free Badoo Premium without paying, installing a Badoo Mod APK will help. These are basically a modded version of the Badoo app where you’ll get access to all the Badoo Premium features without paying any subscription fee whatsoever.

Follow these steps to install a Badoo Mod APK on your device.

1. Download any Badoo Mod APK from Google or any other website.

2. Click on the downloaded file and tap the install button. 

3. Enable the Install from Unknown Resources to move ahead with the installation process.

4. Let the installation process complete and tap the open button to open the app. 

How to Become a Premium Member on Badoo App

Members need to login into their Badoo account and then go to the premium membership page to purchase Badoo Premium. There are different Badoo Premium membership plans that are open for users. You can choose the one that suits your budget.

Badoo membership terms and prices are also available on the Subscription page, which is available by tapping the Upgrade to Premium button from the Welcome Page once you signed into your account.

How to See Photos on Badoo App Without Paying

The simple answer is that without a Badoo premium account you do not have access to the photos of users who subscribe to the dating premium service. The ability to see photos is reserved only for those who paid for the upgraded packages.

Badoo restricts you from viewing matches photos because you are a Basic member. The dating company wants all its members to be equally engaged and upgrade to one of the paid plans before they can see pictures and communicate with other users.

To see photos on Badoo without paying:

1. Sign up for Badoo Basic Membership.

2. Cancel Within Three Days for Full Refund.

3. Wait for Badoo Free Communication Events.

4. Find Badoo Promo Codes.

5. Use the free trial period to view photos free.

How to Talk to Someone on Badoo For Free

Badoo offers free chat with other local members wherever you go! However, only members who have indicated a mutual interest in one another are allowed to talk to each other.

To start a conversation, choose the person that you wish to talk to and write him or her a message. As a Basic user, you have few messaging features. You do not have to pay anything to chat with someone on Badoo. You just have a mutual interest in each other to begin a conversation.


Badoo Premium is an extremely useful feature for people who frequently use Badoo App to find a date. In case, you often run out of premium features, upgrading your Badoo will help. The above-mentioned hack will help you get the Badoo Premium app without paying and you’ll be able to access the premium features without paying any subscription charges.

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