How to Use Midjourney For Free on Discord

Life imitates art, or does art imitate life? With Midjourney AI, art can imitate just about anything. The trending text-to-art platform allows just about anyone to generate images, but with a keyboard instead of a brush.

The concept sounds almost too simple to use: Type your idea into the chat box and wait for the best results, you’ll want to follow these tips and tricks to get the most realistic and accurate representations of your desired art.

How Does Midjourney AI Work?

Since you technically create the idea for your artwork, you, by default, are the accredited artist for the AI-generated product. If you choose to download the artwork, though, there will be a colorful Midjourney, watermark on the bottom right corner if you are a free user.

There are limits to what you can create with the platform. For example, Midjourney’s content policy prohibits content that is harmful, deceitful, or political. While not all celebrities violate the content policy, their faces will often be distorted for safety.

Midjourney has a free plan but there is a catch. You can make your first 25 images. The Basic Membership monthly plan allows you to create up to 200 images while the premium Membership plan gives you unlimited creations if you work in “relaxed” mode.

How to Use Midjourney to Create Artwork

Before you start generating images, either create or log into an account on Discord. You can do this on mobile or the web.

1. Create an account on Midjourney AI Discord Server. Go to

2. Login in with a Discord account (or create one if you don’t have one).

3. Join the Midjourney Discord Server by going to one of the Newcomer Rooms on the left-hand navigation pane.

4. Enter into the chat box “/imagine” press the spacebar then type your prompt (e.g. /imagine studio ghibli animation, cooking pan on fire).

5. Wait a few minutes for Midjourney AI to create your art. Afterward, you can download the AI-generated art and use it.

You can open the image on your device and make use of it.

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