Games Launcher (How to Install it) Games Launcher is a gaming platform developed by the Russian internet company Group. It is a desktop application that allows users to download, install, and play various video games published by Group.

The Games Launcher offers a collection of free-to-play and premium games across different genres, including MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online games), shooters, RPGs (Role-Playing Games), and more. Some of the popular games available on the platform include Warface, Armored Warfare, Revelation Online, and Conqueror’s Blade, among others.

The launcher provides a user-friendly interface for managing game downloads, updates, and installations, making it convenient for you to access and enjoy your favourite games. In addition, the platform may offer social features, such as friend lists and in-game communication, allowing players to interact and connect with each other while gaming.

The Game Launcher app conveniently gathers games downloaded from the Play Store and Galaxy Store into a single location for easy access. If your Galaxy phone doesn’t have Game Launcher enabled by default, you can activate it by accessing the settings. 

Once enabled, you can enjoy the benefits of having all your games organized and easily accessible from one central hub. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a dedicated enthusiast, Game Launcher simplifies your gaming experience on your Galaxy device, making it a go-to tool for managing and enjoying your favourite games.

How to Install Games Launcher 

To install Samsung Game Launcher for games, follow these step-by-step instructions:

1. Check Compatibility: Ensure that your Samsung device is compatible with the Game Launcher app. Most recent Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets come pre-installed with the Game Launcher. However, if you cannot find it on your device, you can download it from the Galaxy Store.

2. Access Galaxy Store: Open the “Galaxy Store” app on your Samsung device. It is usually represented by an icon with a shopping bag.

3. Search for Game Launcher: In the Galaxy Store, use the search bar at the top of the screen and type “Game Launcher.”

4. Select and Install: From the search results, tap on the “Game Launcher” app. On the app page, you will see an “Install” button. Tap on it to start the installation process.

5. Wait for Installation: The Game Launcher app will start downloading and installing on your device. The time required may vary based on your internet connection speed.

6. Launch Game Launcher: Once the installation is complete, you can find the Game Launcher app in your app drawer or on your home screen. Tap on its icon to open it.

7. Customize Settings. After launching the Game Launcher for the first time, you can customize its settings according to your preferences. You can enable or disable features like Game Tools, Game Booster, and more.

8. Add Games: Game Launcher should automatically detect the games installed on your device. If it misses any, you can manually add them to the Game Launcher by tapping on the “Add games manually” option and selecting the desired games from your app list.

9. Start Gaming: You are now ready to enjoy the benefits of the Game Launcher app. Access all your games in one place, take advantage of the Game Tools during gameplay and optimize your gaming experience with Game Booster if available on your device.