Zooba Hack – How to Unlock All Characters

Zooba Hack – How to Unlock, Zooba is made up of 33 characters which you can choose from the Angry gorilla to the sneaky chameleon to the menacing shark. To arrange your teaming, you can get into the battle with a complete team by inviting them or start a battle to complete the team with random players that have a similar number of trophies to the character you’re using.

Zooba Hack – How to Unlock

At the time of writing this article Zooba has 3 starter characters – you don’t need to unlock them before you get into action. They’re your free characters which you are allowed to pick and start your battle. Once you get to a new league and open chests or purchase them with gems, you will be able to unlock other characters.

Zooba Characters are always released from inside Crates that you can get as a reward or purchase with Gems in the game store and you are only able to purchase Crates and Toolboxes at your current League.

How to Get Free Characters on Zooba

No matter which mode you choose on Zooba, you’ll have to fight each character one-on-one to fully unlock them. These unlock actions will start out easy but become increasingly difficult as time goes on. Don’t be surprised if some later characters knock you out on your first try.

Once you get in action in Zooba, you will need to pick a mode:  

  • Buck – Strong Mode
  • Nix – Balanced Mode and
  • Molly- Agile Mode.

After you finish the practice mode and continue in action, you will be able to unlock the other two Characters you didn’t pick initially.

While you continue in the battle, you’re going to be able to unlock more Zooba characters also known as friends. You can find out which Characters will be available in the next Leagues by clicking the total number of trophies you, ve won. This will show your level.

The character you unlock depends on the level you are. For instance: If you are in League 4, you cannot expect to unlock the Character Duke, because he will only be available from level 5 and so on.

How to Hack Zooba and Get All the Characters

When buying characters with your gems you should only spend them on bronze crates and not silver/gold – this is because the bronze crate is much cheaper and you can level up your bronze shotgun/bow items to go to a higher level.

Using your gems on silver/gold crates will be the biggest mistake you, ll make because your items will get you into a low level.

You can buy characters like Buck and Bruce who are actually as strong as Nix – they have unique specialties, for example, Buck is best for combo attacks, and Bruce does more damage and has more health.

Hack to Get 2 Free Legendary Crate

1. Go into battle to get battle pass max out (till you get to the legendary crate).

2. Then, wait for the battle pass to have 1day left then buy a free premium pass subscription (don’t forget to cancel it or you will waste your money).

3. Claim your LCrate.

4. After the battle pass reset you have 7 days to complete the mission to get another LCrate from the battle pass.

Note that this only works for those who haven’t bought the premium pass for the first time. So you buy the premium pass when the battle pass has less than 1 day left and afterward you cancel the subscription.

How to Use Unlimited Weapons in Zooba Hack

1. First, go to Google and search for Zooba MOD APK.

2, Install the APK you, ve downloaded.

3. Now, open and launch the apk.

4. press and hold your device on the two edges to start your battle.

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