Mingle2 Sign up – Guide to Mingle2.com Search

To sign up on Mingle2, go to the website in a browser, click Sign up, follow the prompts to create an account, or click Sign In to enter your login details. 

Browse your matches. Select X to pass on a user or the checkmark to like them. Find matches in the left column and start conversations.

This article explains how to use the popular online dating platform Mingle2 on a desktop and mobile. Mingle2 is commonly used as a mobile app, but it’s also perfectly functional on a desktop.

How to Use Mingle2 on the Desktop Web

The following instructions can be followed for any major web browser including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Opera.

1. Go to Mingle2.com in your preferred web browser.

2. Assuming you haven’t yet created an account, select the yellow Join button. If you’ve already joined, select Sign In, enter your login details and skip to step four below.

3. Mingle2 allows you to create an account using your email or phone number

4. Enter your email if you want to sign up with your email information. If you’d prefer to sign in with your social media account if you decide to sign up using a third-party app. You’ll be asked to give Mingle2 permission to access the account.

5. If you’re fine with using your phone number, select Use cell phone number and enter your number. Then select Continue.

Remember that if you decide to sign up with a phone number, you’ll be asked to verify your account by text message or phone call. You’ll receive a code to enter into Mingle2 to complete the verification process.

6. Once your account has been created and you’ve signed in, the next is to select your gender.

7. Now, tell Mingle2 what genders you’re interested in by selecting Men, Women, or Everyone.

8. Start browsing matches. You can scroll down to view a user’s full profile, including additional photos and information.

9. Select the X button to pass on a user or the checkmark button to like them.

You can use your keyboard arrow buttons to browse profiles and pass or like them. Use your up and down arrow buttons to scroll up and down profiles. Use the left arrow button to pass and the right arrow button to like.

As you like users and they like you back (or vice versa), matches will be made and begin to appear in the left column. Once a conversation is started between you and a match, you’ll see a Conversations tab appear here as well.

Switch between the conversations tab to chat with your matches and the Matches tab to see your newest matches as well as the time you have left to start a conversation with them.

You can customize your profile and settings by selecting your profile picture in the upper-left corner.

From the left vertical menu, select Edit profile to add more photos and fill out your information. Select Settings to activate snooze mode, change who you’re interested in, adjust the age of who you’re interested in, adjust the distance, and more.

Mingle2 Sign up on Mobile App

Open the Mingle2 app which I believe you must have downloaded. Then, tap signup and enter your personal details, and select gender interest. Just with these few steps, you have created your dating account. 

However, you can still edit your profile after account creation but that will be from the settings. Customize your account and add a profile picture for full identification.

How to Use Mingle2.com Search to Find Someone

Mingle2 gives you the ability to search for people within a specific distance of your location.

1. Open your profile page and select Settings.

2. You can change a number of your search preferences, including age range, distance, gender, and more. Set Mingle2 to search from your current location.

3. Select Done in the upper-right corner to save your preferences.

4. Now you can begin adding through dozens of people to find your crush.

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