Does Litmatch Notify Screenshots? (Answered)

Does Litmatch Notify Screenshots

Litmatch app does not notify users of screenshots taken by others. This means that you can take screenshots of profiles and chats on Litmatch without the other person being notified.  However, you should never forget not to share anyone else’s personal information online without their consent. Some apps notify screenshots to the users, and this … Read more

How to Delete Message In Litmatch

How to Delete Message In Litmatch

Litmatch lets you send messages to other users. As a Litmatch user, you’ll find out that, you don’t have to be a long-time member to have some sent messages or entire chat that you’d like deleted and forever forgotten. However, it’s not extremely easy to delete sent messages on Litmatch, especially from both sides, but … Read more

How to Unblock Someone on Litmatch

How to Unblock Someone on Litmatch

Do you want to unblock someone on Litmatch?  Learn about different steps to unblock someone on Litmatch here. Litmatch is an online dating and social networking app. The app lets the users meet new single online with a list of similar interests and a short bio.  When two people have matched they can start chatting. … Read more

How to Change Location on Litmatch

Change Location on Litmatch

It’s been discovered that Litmatch will estimate your location using your IP address, even if you turn off location tracking. User activity on Litmatch lets you check into venues or tag venues (for which it likely knows the street address and type of establishment) when you use the platform. You can change your location on … Read more

How to Change Gender in Litmatch

Litmatch Gender Change

When Creating your Litmatch account, you’re prompted to fill out basic profile information. These details include your name, email address, gender, and so on. The good news is that you can edit many of your account details later on. In this post, we’ll show you can change gender information on Litmatch. How to Change Your … Read more