How to Remove Credit Card from Tango

Remove Credit Card from Tango

Tango allows you to add your credit card details to enable you to pay on its website. The card details are saved on Tango and can be selected when you want to make a new transaction. If you are worried about a security breach or another person using your device, you may after making your … Read more

Invisible Mode In Tango Guide

Invisible Mode In Tango

When you’re using a dating app like Tango, the idea that your profile could just pop up in front of pretty much anyone can be a little worrying. This is where the need for an invisible mode comes up. What is Tango Invisible Mode Invisible mode is a Tango feature that allows you to have … Read more

How to Block Someone on Tango

How to Block Someone on Tango

Tango is a platform that allows you to make friends and connect with people around the world. Has one of your friends turned out to be a source of distraction to you on Tango and you want to block and delete the user from your friend list? Or did you realize that person is not … Read more

How to Get Unblocked On Tango Ban

Image of How to Get Unblocked On Tango

Tango takes users’ safety very seriously including your behavior, which is why, to you, it may seem like you’ve been blocked for no reason. If you have received Tango ban notification you can reactive or make a new account in no time, this means you’ll get unblocked by taking the due necessary steps.  Tango has … Read more