5 Ways to Check For Top-selling Items on Shopee

Many people out there today for buying and selling purposes – search Shopee every day for popular items. It is very important for a seller to identify what is the top-selling items – and Shopee makes this extremely easy for you.

Shopee is one of the largest eCommerce platforms in the market. Besides its massive customer base, Shopee has free organic traffic, and you can easily test products on the platform. With these features, a seller can quickly find their next best sellers.

Most importantly, Shopee items/products are crucial in attracting customers to their stores. Therefore, they offer trends according to their target audiences’ needs.

This tutorial will be a step-by-step guide to show you how you can become successful on Shopee using my Shopee product research method which is used to find top-selling items that have allowed many sellers to become top-rated Shopee with multiple Shopee brands that do multiple six figures in sales.

To find best-sellers on Shopee, you must conduct thorough product research. Through product research, you’ll be able to find trending products according to your target audience’s demands and preferences.

1. Search for the Item/Product

Shopee Categories

The Shopee product search method is used to find what top-selling products first begin on the Shopee homepage.

First, start off by searching for a product that you believe is selling well on Shopee, you don’t proceed to check the purchase history on Shopee to make sure that at least 100 units of the item that you’re searching for have been sold at least in one month.

For example, electric scooters, due to the lack of people taking public transport around in a particular period of the year and will most likely continue. It is only right that you check to make sure that electric scooters are in fact selling items, You’ll do this by checking the analytics on Shippee so that you can have a look at the sell-through rate, as well as the total amount of money that the product made within that month.

Once You have double-checked this make sure that there are no alternative hot-selling products that you can possibly import.

2. Manually Conduct Research on Shopee

To manually research popular items on Shopee, you’ll want to start with Shopee’s best-selling items in a certain category. From there, you’ll start exploring that category’s sub-categories and narrow down on a niche.

When you check out Shopee’s best-sellers list, you might also look at the “Customers also bought” section to get ideas for similar products.

Once you make a list of items, check Google keyword planner to see whether those products have search volume, which indicates a level of demand. Alternatively, you could use the Shopee product analytics intelligence tool specifically for Shopee. The analytics let you find popular items on Shopee by displaying the sale volume chart.

3. Find Items That Don’t Have Too Much Competition

If you’re trying to sell a product that currently has 80,000 search results, it’s likely going to be very difficult to stand out against the competition and achieve the sales you want. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to find a niche within a larger market that has less competition, which ensures your product is more easily found by searchers. Best of all, those searchers are likely more willing to buy your product, since they needed to search for a more specific keyword.

For instance, let’s say you want to sell Washing Machine. The search term “Washing Machine” has over 15,000 results.

Alternatively, the search term “Washing Machine for instant pot cooking” has only 3,000 results. Not only is your items more likely to become best-seller in this category, but it’s a more targeted keyword. 

4. Use Google Trends

Google Trends

Both Google and the Internet are excellent means of searching for Shopee selling items. However, users can only type in so many keywords before their search becomes repetitive and unproductive.

Google Trends is a tool that enables users to track topics or search queries based on their popularity over time. The user can see how often certain search queries about a Shopee product have been searched in the last months and which geographic locations are more interested in specific subjects. Based on this information, you can create some ideas of what they can sell in this particular period.

5. Shopee Top Selling Categories

Having a product range of top-selling products and top-selling categories is another good way for a seller to increase sales, By doing this even if every customer is not converted still you are driving sales toward your items range.

These are things that you should remember while selecting your items:

  • The location you are based in and selling in.
  • The latest trends.
  • The time of the year.
  • The pricing of the products.

You try should study the customer’s demand and ongoing trends and know your customer in a way so that you can offer the products according to their need.

What Should I Sell on Shopee Online Shopping

Undoubtedly, you can obtain an impressive profit from selling products on Shopee, but it’s critical you’re able to offer unique, budget-friendly products with minimal competition to truly succeed on the site.

High competition on Shopee proves it’s more difficult than ever to stand out, so it’s not smart to sell on Shopee for the sake of selling on Shopee. Instead, you want to ensure you’re truly able to offer something of value.

If you have a product in mind, follow the tips above to refine your strategy and find a niche within a larger demographic. If you don’t have a product in mind, start with the basics: what are the most-searched items on Shopee, and which items are most successful?

Once you have a list based on keyword research, consider similar products the user might find more compelling or useful than the ones currently listed on Shopee.

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