What Does the Heart Mean on Chispa

Chispa heart symbols mean you’re “interested in another user. When you see a heart icon next to someone’s profile, it means that you have the option to send them a “like” on the dating feature. If you’re interested in someone, you can send them a like and see if they return the interest. If they do, then you can start chatting.

Chispa dating has its own dating feature. And one of the most commonly used symbols on this app dating feature is the heart.

The heart symbol is just one way that Chispa is trying to make online dating more interactive and fun. So, if you’re looking for friends or love you can use the heart icon to start the journey. Who knows, you might just find your perfect match.

All you have to do is tap the heart icon in their Chispa profile and they’ll be notified you’re interested in getting to know them better. It’s the digital way of walking over to someone you’d like to get to know, touching them on the shoulder, and introducing yourself.

How Does Chispa Heart Symbol Work?

Not until you indicate interest your Chispa friends will not see your first name on your dating profile, they will not be able to see the dating information you share with them. The Chispa app is available on iOS and Android. Adding photos to your profile in Chispa dating will give you access to meeting more users. Neither you nor your Chispa friends will be able to tell that you have started dating through them, nor will it suggest potential matches for you.

The heart icons on Chispa dating simply mean a way to show your interest in someone. When you click on the icon, it will send a notification to the person you are interested in. If they are also interested in you, then you will be able to start chatting with each other.

The “liked you” tab will notify you when someone liked your profile, and the “conversations” tab will notify you when you have chats with your matches.

What Chispa Heart Emoji Mean

Heart emojis on Chispa including on other social networks mean adoration or appreciation. The beating heart emoji is supposed to function the same way a regular heart emoji would over text. It’s a sign of support, care, and intimate love.

When chatting on Chispa you can use a heart reaction to indicate that you love what someone said. You can also use the heart emoji to express sympathy, similar to the “care” reaction, and to demonstrate support.

Difference Between Heart and Star Icon on Chispa

The star and heart on Chispa are means to show interest in someone. The star means you want to go on a date with that person, and the heart means you’re interested in a long-term relationship.

There are many Chispa symbols and their meanings can vary depending on who you ask. A lot of users use hearts to mean love and affection, while others might use a specific type of icon to represent a certain feeling. Some people might use a specific color to express other feelings, such as blue for sadness or red for anger. It’s up to you to decide what each symbol means to you.


On Chispa, tapping on the heart icon on someone’s profile lets them know that they stand out. They’ll be notified that you’re interested in getting to know them better.

You can see who has liked you on Chispa by opening the app and going to the likes section. Here you will see a list of people who have liked you. You can also see how many likes you have by looking at the number next to the heart icon. 

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