WooPlus Fake Profiles – How to Know Them

Most of the profiles in WooPlus are real members. The plus-size dating app also verifies the profile through Facebook and email. However, fake profiles on the dating app now try to surpass the real ones. It’s a bad display that most of the users have come to terms with and usually spot and ignore the moment they see them. The users know they should report them and get them blocked but most of the users don’t.

If you are new to the WooPlus app, this tutorial will walk you through how to report a fake WooPlus account. I’ll also provide some pointers on how to spot fake profiles in the first place.

WooPlus has come a long way since those early days. It is still full of fakes but the catfish are slowly being removed. Along with more human moderation, WooPlus is working to keep the app safe. There are still a number of fakes on there though and it seems they will be a problem to the platform if the users do not spot them and are banned on time.

How to Know Fake WooPlus Profiles

Some fake profiles are very easy to spot. Some not so much. Most of the jerks on the site cannot be bothered to put together a decent profile so you should be able to spot those a mile away. Others are more sophisticated but can still be spotted.

Here are some signs you’re looking at a fake dating profile.

Using Photos of a Popular Figure

If you meet someone on WooPlus and their profile photo looks too good to be true then it might be fake. If there is a single picture, that’s not a good sign as every member is to add multiple pictures. If it looks like a photo shoot, it might be.

For their fake accounts to appear legit, they have to get their photos from somewhere. Sometimes they will use actor/performer photos, either well-known celebrities or lesser-known, hard-to-recognize actors.

It’s difficult to check but you can take a screenshot and then perform a reverse picture search. It isn’t perfect but can give you an idea of whether the person is real or not.

Claiming to be Professional/Rich

Another way you can spot WooPlus fake profiles is that most of them claim to be what they are not. If someone says they are famous or incredibly rich, they might be. They also might not be so keep your eyes open going forward. Apparently, doctorates are one of the most-lied about qualifications online so don’t take these claims at face value either.

Fake profiles/accounts are not unique to WooPlus. Currently, WooPlus seems to be doing more to combat them than now than some other dating platforms. They are a fact of life though and everyone should be aware of their popularity and the risks involved in interacting with them. At least now you have a better idea of how to spot a fake profile on WooPlus. Let’s look at how you can report them to WooPlus Team.

Empty Profile or Old Photos

Every WooPlus who is serious about dating apps knows that a profile has to be the best it can possibly be. If you’re looking at a barely completed one, it’s either a fake or posted by someone too lazy to care. Either way, it isn’t worth looking any further.

Unpopular Social Network Coverage

Any WooPlus profile with little or no good track of Twitter followers, and Facebook friends are likely to be fake. Even the most introverted person will have more than that. Again, like odd messages, on their own, this does not mean the profile is definitely fake. Combined with other signs, it definitely could be fake. Widen your search and see what else the person has mentioned about them online.

Odd Messages & Updates

If you receive messages that don’t seem to make sense, you might be talking to a bot. You may also be talking to someone for whom English is not their native language so don’t be too quick to judge. However, combined with some of these other signs, they may be part of a fake WooPlus profile.

If you receive odd responses or some that are completely out of context to the discussion, be on your guard.

WooPlus Fake Account Report

Some even seem to bother reporting the fakes they spot when swiping but will report them if they begin interacting with the faker. WooPlus has made it as simple as possible to report those fake accounts and uses human moderators to help keep the app as safe as practically possible.

There are two main ways to report a fake WooPlus account. One, from an obviously fake profile in your list, and two from within a conversation if you are friends and are chatting.

If you don’t want unreal friends on your list, you can report any fake profiles you come across within the app. This does help the community and improve it for everyone but there are so many fake profiles on the app that most of us don’t bother. If you want to be better than that, here’s how to do it.

To report a fake account/profile:

1. Visit the WooPlus website open the app and sign in to your account if you’re not already logged in.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the profile and select “Block and Report”.

3. Select a reason and add any supplementary information if required.

4. Select Submit Report.

WooPlus Moderators will then investigate, check out the profile and take the action they deem necessary.

How to Report Fake WooPlus Accounts Within Chat

If you connected with someone and later found out they were a faker, you can still report them from within a conversation.

1. Open the conversation within WooPlus.

2. Select the three-dot menu icon and select Block and Report.

3. Choose a reason and add any supplementary information if required.

4. Click on Select Submit Report.

The WooPlus moderators should read your report, check out the profile, and ban it or not depending on what they find.

WooPlus Profile Disappeared

If you are having trouble finding a conversation it could be that your match has deleted their account or has been blocked on WooPlus. Some deleted accounts will still remain in your conversations list as “Deleted user” for a short period of time. The duration varies based on a variety of factors.

What Happens When You Report Someone on WooPlus

Just like other apps that are mobile if somebody unmatches you, they’re going to just vanish from the talk queue. It is no various in WooPlus, as though someone has unmatched, or blocked you, they will not really appear.

Here is what happens behind the scenes when you report someone to WooPlus:

1. WooPlus team of human moderators reviews and looks into the member safety-related reports they receive.

2. In most cases, WooPlus handles the report without you needing to do anything else.

3. If WooPlus ever needs more information to sort things out, they’ll reach out to you by email.

4. WooPlus usually can’t share the status of reports for privacy reasons. But if you’re ever concerned, you can get in touch with the support team and they will try to help. 

What Does WooPlus Profile Is Unavailable Now Means

Your question may be: why my match is suddenly blank while the conversation is still there, but the profile is blank now?

If it says “profile unavailable ” and you can still see messages, it means the person opting to not have any other users see them or has been banned by WooPlus for violating the community rules.

That is it all, I hope you now know how to spot and report a fake WooPlus profile. If you believe your profile has been blocked incorrectly, you can reach out to the WooPlus Support Team. Note: WooPlus doesn’t allow users to circumnavigate permanent blocks by creating new accounts. Once your profile has been blocked, you are no longer permitted to use WooPlus.

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