Yoomee Login + Sign Up Guide

The easiest way to login to Yomee is to use the app and input your account credentials. but if you haven’t created the account it requires you to sign up.

Yoomee is one of the popular social media + online dating apps. It allows users to anonymously swipe to like or dislike other profiles based on their pictures, bio information, and mutual interests.

On Yoomee, you can meet new friends and expand your social network. Yoomee makes millions of matches per day. Therefore, before you start matching, chatting, and dating, you need to create an account on the Yoomee app.

Follow the steps below to sign up for Yoomee.

How to sign up on Yoomee for Android

1. First, open the Play Store on your Android device.

2. Then, search for Yoomee on the Google Play Store.

3. Download the Yoomee app on your device.

4. Now, choose a login method.

5. Enter and verify your phone number.

You can now set up your profile. Then, allow Yoomee access to all required permissions. Start using the Yoomee app.

How to sign up on Yoomee for iOS?

1. First, open App Store on your iOS device.

2. Then, search for Yoomee on the App Store.

3. Download the Yoomee app on your device.

4. Tap on ‘create an account’.

5. Enter and verify your phone number.

6. Fill in your email address and click “Create account”

Now, you can connect your social media account for a hassle-free sign-in. You can set up your profile and allow Yoomee access to all required permissions and then start using the Yoomee app.

Yoomee also has a website but you can’t sign up on the web.

Yoomee login

A Yoomee login requires you to enter your email or phone number. You can also link your account to your social media ID account such as Facebook to log in quickly. 

However, you can’t access your Yoomee account from a web browser on your computer, but you use the app. 

Logging into Yoomee is essentially the same on iOS and Android, and if you already have a Yoomee account, takes just a couple of taps. Here is how:

If you’re using an iOS device, tap Sign In, then choose how you want to sign in: Tap Sign in with Apple, Sign in with Facebook, or Sign in with Phone Number. Tap the option you prefer and follow the instructions. 

To use the first two options, you’ll need to allow Yoomee to connect your account to your Apple ID or Facebook account. To sign in with your email or phone number, Yoomee will text you a passcode.

To sign in with an Android device, you’ll see options to Log in with Google, Log in with Facebook, or Log in with your Phone Number right away. Tap the sign-in method you prefer and follow the directions.

What to do if you can’t log into Yoomee

If you can’t log into the Yoomee app, it’s likely because your login credentials changed. To log in, you can use your account recovery email address:

1. Start the Yoomee app.

2. Select Trouble logging in? (The link is Trouble Signing In on iOS devices).

3. Enter the email address you associated with your Yoomee account and send the email.

4. When the recovery email comes, click the link in the message and follow the directions to enter your new phone number. 

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