How to Cancel Vogue Membership Subscription

Vogue allows you to cancel your membership subscription and stop the next billing. However, the process depends on how you originally signed up. If you subscribed directly through the Vogue website, you can cancel your membership using the website.

We will guide you through every step. The only thing is that you’ll have to remember your login credentials and how you registered for Vogue.

How to Cancel Your Subscription on Vogue

Canceling Vogue membership subscription is simple. The exact way to do it just depends on how you signed up in the first place.

How to Cancel Vogue Subscription on Android

1. Open Vogue on your Android.

2. Tap your account profile icon in the top right corner of the screen.

3. Select Settings, then scroll down to tap Manage Payment.

4. Scroll down and find Cancel Subscription

5. Now you’ll see the details about your cancellation provided by Vogue. Information about your cancellation date also will be listed here. Tap Finish Cancellation.

How to Cancel Vogue Subscription on iPhone

Like most subscriptions, signing up for Vogue on an iPhone links your Vogue account to your Apple ID. This means that you’ll have to cancel your subscription using your Apple ID, too.

1. Sign in and tap on Settings on your ‌iPhone‌ or ‌iPad‌.

2. Tap your Apple ID banner profile at the top of the menu.

3. Tap Subscriptions.

4. Select Vogue in the list that appears.

5. Tap on Cancel Subscription.

If  You Subscribed to Vogue on the Website

1. Log into your Vogue account.

2. Select your profile icon, and then click on Account. You can see other options on your account, including plan details and settings.

3. Click on Cancel Subscription under Billing to cancel your subscription.

4. Confirm at the dialog prompt. 

Note that the cancellation becomes effective at the end of your current billing period and if you can’t see the option to cancel your membership on the account page, you’re being billed by a third party. If this is the case, you will see either a link to guide you through the cancellation process with your billing company or instructions to contact your billing company to cancel. 

You can also contact Vogue support directly to see who’s managing your membership subscription.

How to Cancel Vogue If You Lost or Forgot Your Password 

If you forgot your login details, you may wonder what to do. You can’t log in to cancel the account, so how do you either get it back or discontinue its subscription?

You’ll need assistance signing in. Click the “Need help?” button on the Vogue login page and answer all the relevant questions relating to your account.

You’ll be asked for your login credentials such as your username and password including the billing method. After you’ve supplied this information, the support team will assist you with recovering your account or they’ll cancel it after validating your information.

Now that you know how to cancel Vogue, you can free yourself of the burden of another monthly payment.

Why Am I Getting Billed By Vogue

Your membership might renew if you don’t cancel your subscription more than 24 hours before your renewal date, which means that if you cancel your subscription within one or two days from the renewal date, you may see another charge.

Once you’ve canceled your membership, verify that you have correctly completed the cancelation by checking your email. You should receive a confirmation email. If you didn’t receive one, log into Vogue and check that your membership shows an expiration.

You may also need to check your next billing date. Here is how to check Vogue next billing date.

1. Log in to your account.

2. Select “Billing” details to view your subscription plan and billing history. 

3. Your billing date corresponds to the day you subscribed for your Vogue services.

4. The account menu provides the status of the subscription as active or canceled.

After canceling Vogue and you changed your mind you can always return to use the service again. All you need to do is sign in with your credentials and restart your subscription.

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