How to Hide or Delete Shopee Purchase History

Learn To delete shopee purchase history,

Shopee is a platform where you can place orders or make immediate purchases online. When you want to make a purchase from the comfort of your living room, this comes in handy. While you perform transactions on Shopee, it keeps a record of your purchases and orders. Below, we will teach you how to delete Shopee Purchase History

You may want to delete shopee purchase history for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you want to conceal a one-time purchase from your history so that it remains a surprise.

Whatever the reason, here will explain all you need to know on ways to delete shopee purchase history or hide your Shopee orders or purchases history. It’s straight forward to delete shopee purchase history or hide any or all of your Shopee order history if you wish to keep your Shopee activity hidden. hide or delete shopee purchase

Many consumers want to remove or archive their Shopee order history for a variety of reasons. It’s possible that they don’t want a third party to see your online transactions.

Perhaps you want to hide an occasional purchase from your history so that a birthday gift remains a surprise, or perhaps you buy something you don’t want others to see when they use your account. Alternatively, you may wish to keep your personal purchases hidden from your spouse.

As you keep on reading, you’ll discover whether you can truly delete or, better yet, hide your order history.

How to Hide/Delete Shopee Purchase History

Checking your Shopee purchase history is easy. Just log in to, tap on the extension, and get a quick summary along with a link to your purchase history dashboard. For details on past orders, go to the Me tab on the Shopee app, select View Purchase History, and choose the order status you want: To Ship, To Receive, Completed, or Canceled. Click on a specific order to see shipping information.

Curious about ShopeePay’s limits? Unverified accounts can top up to RM2,999, while verified accounts get RM4,999. ShopeePay transactions can go up to RM4,999 with no minimum.

Verification matters for ShopeePay, and outcomes are notified via the app. If rejected, follow the guidance for a retry. ShopeePay can be used without verification, but limits apply: Php 10,000 inflow, Php 10,000 outflow, and a maximum Php 50,000 wallet balance. Stay in the know for a smooth Shopee shopping experience!

Can Someone delete shopee purchase history

To be honest with you, there is no way to delete your order history permanently. Even if you delete your account, Shopee will keep a record of everything you’ve bought.

You do, however, have a way to come out of this.

By archiving your purchases and order history, you can keep it hidden from others.

Delete Shopee Purchase History

It’s simple to hide or delete any or all of your Shopee order history if you wish to keep your Shopee activity hidden.

If you are using a desktop or mobile app, here’s how to hide your Shopee order history.

Hide Shopee Purchase History on Desktop
  1. Sign in to your Shopee account by going to the Shopee website in your browser.
  2. In the upper-right corner of the screen, select “Returns and Orders.”
  3. You’ll find a list of the items you’ve ordered in the last three months here. After you’ve located the order you want to hide or remove, click “View Order Details.”
  4. To hide it, click “Archive Order.”  Note that you’ll still be able to see them in your account’s “Archived Orders” area.
  5. If the item you’re looking for isn’t available for your selected months, modify the setting to show orders from a different time period.
delete shopee purchase history/Hide
  1. Log in to the Shopee app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Scroll to “Your Orders” and find the item you wish to hide.
  3. To hide it, tap “View Order Details” and then “Archive Order.”

Remember that none of the orders you hide from your account will be completely deleted. You may still see them by going to your account page and selecting Ordering and Shopping Preferences and Archived Orders from the menu.

By selecting the “Unarchive Order” button next to the product, you will be able to examine all of your previously hidden orders and, if you want, return them to the main list.

How to Delete Order History in Shopee

Follow the steps below to delete your Shopee order history

1. Log into your Shopee account

2. Select “Returns and Orders.”

3. Click “View Order Details.”

4. To hide it, click “Archive Order.” You can hide up to 500 orders, but you’ll still be able to see them in your account’s “Archived Orders” area.

Keep in mind that none of the orders you hide from your account will be completely erased. You may still see them by going to your account page and selecting Ordering and Shopping Preferences >Archived Orders from the drop-down menu.

How to Check Shopee Total Spend

To check your total spend on Shopee, follow these steps:

1. Log in to Shopee: Access your Shopee account by logging in to

2. Navigate to Purchase History: Click on the “Me” tab on the Shopee app and select “View Purchase History.”

3. Filter Completed Orders: Within your purchase history, filter or select “Completed Orders.” This will show you all the orders you’ve completed.

4. Sum Up Purchase Amounts: Review the individual order amounts listed. Add up these amounts to calculate your total spending on Shopee.

Remember, this process allows you to manually calculate your total spend by summing up the prices of your completed orders. If you’re looking for a more detailed breakdown, Shopee also provides a quick summary and a link to your purchase history dashboard upon logging in, where you can find additional insights into your spending patterns.

How to Clear Shopee Purchase Search History PC

Maybe you bought something a little embarrassing. Perhaps it’s a shared account, and you don’t want to deal with questions about every purchase. Or maybe you don’t like Shopee spamming you with suggestions after browsing items you don’t intend to buy. Whatever the reason, here’s how to manage your Shopee search history on PC.

1. Go to the Shopee home page.

2. Click “Accounts & Lists,” which is found in the upper right-hand corner.

3. Choose “Browsing History” from the drop-down menu that appears.

4. Select “Remove from View” to remove an individual item.

If you have only one item you want to remove, this is the perfect, simple solution. But Shopee also offers a few more options for you to take control of your browsing history.

How to Delete Search History in Shopee App

You can remove items from your browsing history or clear it completely.

To edit your browsing history:

1. Open the Shopee app and log in to your account.

2. Go to your browsing history.

3. Select “Remove from view” below each item you’d like to remove.

4. To remove all items, select “Remove all items” from the view.

How to Remove All Items from Your Viewing History

If you want to clear your entire browsing history, you can easily do so.

1. Go to the Shopee home page.

2. Click “Account” & Lists” in the top-right section of your screen.

3. Choose “Browsing History” from the drop-down menu that appears.

4. Click on “Manage History” in the upper right-hand corner.

5. Click “Remove all items from view.”

All of your previously viewed items will disappear at once. If this sounds like a hassle, you can turn off the Browsing History feature altogether.

How to Turn Off Search History in Shopee

Turning off your browsing history is simple. It’s great when you no longer have Shopee constantly reminding you of the things you may have wanted at one time and decided against purchasing.

1. Visit the Shopee home page.

2. Click “Accounts & Lists” at the top.

3. Choose “Browsing History” from the drop-down menu that appears. Select “Manage History” just as we did above.

4. Toggle the “Turn browsing history on/off button” so that it turns grey.

Some Shopee customers said that the “Turn browsing history on/off” toggle sometimes turns itself back on. If you begin seeing your browsing history appear or notice messages under “Related to items you viewed” or “Inspired by your shopping trend,” revisit the above process and repeat it.

How to Delete Trending Searches in Shopee

Follow these steps to learn how to delete trending searches by clearing your app cache:

1. Go to “Me” tab and Tap “Settings or Gear Icon.”

2. Tap “About”

3. Then, tap “Clear Cache.”.

How to Delete Completed Listing Items in Shopee

To delete an item in Shopee:

1. Sign in to your account and go to the “My Products” page on Seller Center 

2. Select “Listing” from the options

3. Click on “Delete.”. 

You can also delete the item “My Products” on the Shopee app. 

Note: A listing cannot be recovered once it has been deleted. All you can do is re-upload the listing through the Seller Center or Shopee mobile app.

Use Incognito Mode When Browsing Shopee

You’ve definitely noticed that when you browse Shopee, the site retains your browsing history and suggests additional things based on your previous searches.

If you’re the only one who uses your account, this can be useful. However, if you use a shared account to shop for a gift or other private purchase, your browser history will reveal your secret to anybody who logs in.

Using an incognito or private browser window is one of the simplest ways to hide your browsing. Nothing you do will be saved in this manner.

However, if you’ve already accumulated browsing history on Shopee, there is still a way to clear your data:

  1. Go to Shopee and sign in using your account information.
  2. In the top left corner of your screen, select “Browsing History.”
  3. To remove a specific item from your browser history, select “remove from view” beneath the product.
  4. Alternatively, select the “Manage History” menu and click “Remove all things from view” to erase the entire list.
  5. Put the slider next to “Turn Browsing History on/off” in the “off” position if you don’t want Shopee to collect your browsing history.

How to Reset Shopee Account

If you have added an email or a phone number to reset your password for Shopee, here’s how to proceed. 

1. Open the Shopee login screen and select the Forgot your password option

2. Enter your email address in the empty text box below and press Submit. In case you added a phone number, click the phone number prompt below and do the same. You will then see a confirmation box verifying that the mail has been sent.

3. Now log in to your email account and check for the mail. If it’s not in your inbox, check your spam/junk folder.

4. From the email, click on the Reset Password button

5. Type in your new password and click on Submit, and the changes will be applied.

Can I reset Shopee without a password?

If you do not have an email or phone number associated with your account, please contact Shopee customer support. And if you did not provide a real email address when you created your account, Shopee cannot send you an email.

How Can I Change My Shopee Email Address?

Yes, you can change your email; all you have to do is log into your Shopee account and tap on your profile. Then scroll down and click Settings & Privacy, then click Settings. In the Account Settings section, select Profile details, scroll down to Contact Info, then tap Edit and add your new email address.

What is a Shopee ID? 

The Shopee ID is a unique value that every account on Shopee has. No two people have the same ID. Although an account can change its username, it can never change its ID.

How to Clear Cache on Shopee iPhone & Android

Sometimes the app collects corrupt cache data and leaves you with issues like the feed not loading pictures, notifications not working, and more. You should clear the Shopee cache on Android and iPhone. Here’s how.

You can check how much cache Shopee has collected on Android and iOS. At times, Shopee power users gather cache in hundreds of MBs. Clearing the app cache helps free up storage on your phone. It’s an effective way to free up your phone’s internal memory without deleting apps.


You can check Shopee cache data on your iPhone, but you can’t clear it individually. You must reinstall the Shopee app and start again.

Before we show you how to reinstall Shopee on your iPhone, you should first check the collected Shopee cache. That way, you have a rough idea of how much space you can free up after clearing the Shopee cache.

1. Open Settings on your iPhone.

2. Go to the General menu.

3. Select iPhone Storage.

4. Scroll to Shopee and check documents & data (cache) storage from the following menu. You’ll get two options.

It will simply delete the app without affecting the collected documents & data (cache) on the iPhone. You are back to square one when you reinstall Shopee. Delete App: This will delete the app and all related data from the iPhone.

5. Select Delete App and confirm your decision.

6. Go back to the home screen and open the App Store.

7. Search for Shopee and install the app again.

Open Shopee, log in with your account details, and you are good to go. You can use the same trick for any iOS app to free up internal storage on your iPhone.

Clearing the Shopee cache removes your login information and other temporary files. It doesn’t affect your messages, photos, stories, or personal information. Your data is safe on Shopee servers.

When you start again, you can simply sign in to your Shopee account and get everything back. You may notice slow loading times and high data usage.


Unlike iOS, you can check the Shopee cache from the app info menu on Android. Go through the steps below.

1. Locate the Shopee app icon on the home screen or the app drawer menu.

2. Press and hold Shopee and tap on the info.

3. Open Storage from the app info menu.

4. Select the clear cache button.

You can access the same from the device settings menu.

1.  Open Settings on your Android phone.

2. Scroll to the Apps menu.

3. Locate Shopee from the list or use the search bar at the top to find the app.

4. It will open the app info menu.

5. Go to Storage and clear the cache from the following menu.

While the Shopee cache is a boon for power users, it can lead to storage concerns and performance issues. Go through the steps above and clear the Shopee cache on Android and iPhone.

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That’s it on how to delete or hide order history on Shopee from those who share the same account or device with you.

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