How to Get More Matches on Tantan

How to Get More Matches on Tantan

Don’t know how to match on Tantan without paying for a subscription? There are several hacks that we explain in this article. The season has made flirting even more complicated, leaving us Tantan as the main exponent to meet new people safely. But, how to make a match on Tantan without paying?  Why has it … Read more

How Do I Get Verified on Tantan (Answered)

Tantan is a dating app and social network to meet, chat, and date Asian or Asian American singles. It makes it easier for single people to find a date who is close to where they live. To get verified on Tantan, you’ll need to take pictures of yourself through the app in specific poses. Being … Read more

Hacks to Use Tantan App Free

Hacks to Use Tantan App Free

Can you use Tantan App for free? Yes, creating an account on Tantan is totally free and you see your mutual Likes without paying but there are paid features that you can only use if join the premium membership. Tantan is the best Asian singles community in the world that let people meet, chat, and … Read more

Does Tantan Notify Screenshots? (Answered)

Does Tantan Notify Screenshots

Tantan does not notify users of screenshots taken by others. This means that you can take screenshots of profiles and chats on Tantan without the other person being notified.  However, you should always remember not to share anyone else’s personal information online without their consent. Some apps notify screenshots to the users, this brought the … Read more

How to Unsubscribe From Tantan App

How to Unsubscribe Tantan

Tantan dating is a platform that lets registered members use its services by subscribing to one of its plans. You can unsubscribe from the Tantan dating app and stop the next billing, but the process depends on how you originally signed up. If you subscribed directly through the Tantan website, you can also cancel using … Read more

How to Change Language in Tantan

How to Change Language in Tantan

If you don’t like using Tantan in the default language, change it to the language which you know. Tantan is a platform where you can meet people from different countries and speak different languages. Apart from text messages, you can also send voice notes, gifs, stickers, and more. By simply signing into your account, you … Read more

Tantan App Banned: How to Get Unbanned

Tantan dating app takes users’ safety very seriously including your behavior, which is why they ban any user that violates their terms of use. It may seem to you that you’ve been banned for no reason. If this is the case you’ll get unbanned from Tantan by taking the due necessary steps. Tantan has strict … Read more

How to Enable or Hide Last Seen on Tantan

How to Hide Last Seen on Tantan

Tantan active or Last Seen online status feature lets users see the most recent time other people were online on the app and whether they’re currently using the platform. As convenient as this may be for some users, it’s a major privacy concern for others. Hiding your online status is the first logical step to … Read more

How to Delete Tantan Account | Cancel Profile

Delete Tantan Account

Want to learn how to delete your Tantan account? In this article, we’ll explain what to do so that your details will be permanently removed from the Tantan database. The process is slightly different for desktop and mobile users, so we’ve prepared a separate step-by-step guide for each platform. Tantan can be a useful platform, … Read more