How Do I Get Verified on Tantan (Answered)

Tantan is a dating app and social network to meet, chat, and date Asian or Asian American singles. It makes it easier for single people to find a date who is close to where they live.

To get verified on Tantan, you’ll need to take pictures of yourself through the app in specific poses.

Being verified on Tantan proves that you’re the real you or fake and aren’t a bot or catfisher. Go to your Tantan profile and tap the checkmark next to your name to start the verification process.

Getting verified on Tantan is like getting verified on other dating platforms. On those sites, a checkmark shows that you’re a checkmark just proves that you’re a real person.

But that doesn’t make it any less important. Dating apps like Tantan can be filled with “catfishers,” users who use fake profiles and photos to trick potential dates. Getting verified proves to others that you are who you say you are.

Luckily, getting verified on Tantan only takes a few moments — although you should be prepared to take some selfies. Once you’re verified, other users will see your profile as verified whenever someone sees your profile.

How to Get Your Profile Verified on Tantan

This process is about the same both in the Tantan app and on the Tantan website.

1. Open Tantan and log in, then head to your profile page by clicking or tapping your GET VERIFIED NOW icon in the top-left corner.

Tantan verification

2. Click or tap verify account next to your name, then select Next or Continue.

3. You’ll be shown a series of pictures, showing models making weird facial expressions or poses. Using your phone or computer’s camera, take pictures of yourself making those poses or expressions.

Once you’ve submitted your photos, Tantan will tell you that your verification is “under review.”

It should only take a few minutes for your pictures to process. Once they’re done, you’ll get an email either telling you you’re verified or asking you to retake the photos.

And if you’re accepted, that green clock will disappear and a blue checkmark will appear in its place. This same checkmark will appear next to your name almost everywhere that it appears on the app.

How to Get Photos Approved on Tantan

You should make sure that your photo is clear and not blurred else it will be rejected.

Tantan has a dedicated moderation team that uses a mix of automation and human review to ensure that every profile photo meets their guidelines.

Once you upload a photo, it typically takes the team 30 – 60 minutes to do their thing! Tantan takes their commitment to fair and equal treatment for everyone on Tantan seriously.