How to Change Location On Wizz App

How to Change Location On Wizz App

It’s been found that Wizz App will estimate your location using your IP address, even if you turn off location tracking. You can change your location from the Privacy page.  User activity on Wizz App let the app connect you with people near you. You can change your location on Wizz App to your current … Read more

How to Mute or Get Unmuted On Wizz

How to Get Unmuted On Wizz

For most Wizz users, there are always a few friends who constantly irritate by forwarding messages, which are of no use to most. These messages are also the reason for fake hate-filled news. To deal with such users, Wizz has the option of silencing the chats for a maximum of 15 minutes, 1 hour, and … Read more

How Do You Unblock Someone On Wizz?

Unblock Someone On Wizz

In Wizz app, you can unblock someone simply by finding the person’s profile on your blocked account list and tapping on unblock which is located in the three dots on top of your screen. There are also other steps to unblock someone on Wizz here.  Wizz is a social networking app. The app lets the … Read more