How to Recover Litmatch Account | Unbanned Litmatch

If you have landed here, it is because you want to recover your Litmatch account, and it may be for one of these three reasons: You have forgotten your password. You have deleted your account or your account has been banned.

In any of these cases, you can no longer log into your account, and you will have to create a new one, which means the loss of everything you have achieved so far.

Is there any way you can get back in? Yes, you can recover your account. Depending on the situation, there is a different way to solve it. So let’s follow the steps to recover your Litmatch account.

How to recover your Litmatch account

Depending on the situation you find yourself in with your Litmatch account, it is easier or more challenging to recover the account. Let’s see it step by step.

How to recover your account if you have lost the password?

If you cannot enter Litmatch because you have lost your password or don’t remember it, recovering your account is easy.

Step 1. Open the Litmatch app

When you open the Litmatch application, it takes you directly to register

Step 2. Click Log in. At the bottom of the screen, you can see the option: ‘Already have an account? Log in.’

Step 3. Click on ‘phone or email/username.’ On the next screen, you can log into your account. Since you don’t remember the password, click on ‘Forgot password?’.

Step 4. Choose between Phone number or Email. Here you can choose how you want to reset your password: through a message on your cell phone or an email with which you registered the Litmatch account.

How to recover a deleted Litmatch account?

Have you deleted your Litmatch account? Perhaps you decided to delete your account in a fit of wanting to disconnect from social networks, but now you want it back. The truth is that this situation is more complicated than the simple fact of forgetting your password. Why?

Because deleting your account is a definitive process and you cannot recover it, you would have to create a new one. So is there a solution? The answer is yes, partially. Let me explain it to you:

Litmatch will wait 30 days to delete the account permanently, so if you log in again during this time, you can recover and reactivate your account. After this time, the only solution is to contact the Litmatch support page.

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How to unbanned Litmatch account

A banned or blocked Litmatch account is usually the result of having violated any of the app’s terms of use. Is it possible to recover this account if you haven’t complied with Litmatch rules with your content?

To try to recover your account, you have to send an email to support@litmatch with the username of your Litmatch profile and the reasons why you think your account has been suspended or blocked incorrectly.

The Litmatch team will analyze your situation. If it was an error, they would return your account, and you can log in again.

We have concluded in this article the three reasons why you might need to recover your Litmatch account.